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Entertainment of Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Guru blames incompetent leaders for the country’s hardship

Over the years, we have been entertained, educated, inspired by the songs of Guru.

Guru one of the most creative musical minds of our time since hitting the lime-light has always used the day to day events and our way of life to generate different and new street terminologies, jargons each time he drops a single.

Now the award-winning hitmaker has turned his attention toward parliament with his new single, “Law of Karma”.

Guru’s law of Karma is a social, political song which hits on an important issue such as the failure of politicians to deliver on their promise after they have been elected to office.

Guru speaking passionately about the song and his inspiration behind it, he had this to say;

“I have been blessed enough to travel to most of the world and during my travels I have witnessed countries with half of what we have developed so well. Meanwhile, we have been blessed with everything from water resources, timber to gold, and still most of our people live in adverse poverty. And as a country, we beg from countries that don’t have half of what we have been blessed with.

Yes, we all have a role to play, but most of the work relies on the people who are at the helm of affairs, the men and women we elect to lead and guide our country to prosperity.

But in our case instead of prosperity, most of our countries direction seems to be heading to poverty.

Every four years we elect leaders to represent us in governmental position and most the time we do so based on the promises they make to us. And like the Law of Karma states, what goes around comes around.

Four years just went by, and it’s time for another national election, but, this time, we won’t vote based on politicians promises, but their works they have done over the four-year period.

That is what the “Law Of Karma” song is all about. It speaks the mind of the people.

Finally, I would kindly advise the people of Ghana to vote for the right people that can lead the country in the right directions, to prosper not to vote base on political or family affiliations, so we get the right people to lead our country to riches, development and prosperity.”

Listen to the song below: