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Fashion of Saturday, 14 March 2020

Source: Yaw Amoako, Contributor

Great tips for buying men's shoe

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If style matters to you – knowing what shoes to wear is a top priority. it is known that shoes are the most important part of an outfit. Shoes can be used as a cue to someone's personality or even a person's mood that day.

The right pair of shoes for the right outfit can take your look to another level. That's why Jesu Segun London has come up with 5 men's dress shoes every guy should own.

Gentlemen!!! let's talk about 2 shoes you MUST have in 2020.

1. Alafia Brown The whole cut Alafia Brown dress shoe is made from a special select piece of leather. Why the emphasis on that is sure your wondering. It is because such a large piece of faultless leather is a rare one of its kind

This beautiful shoe goes great with nearly all outfits and is ideal in nearly all settings. For example; the Gold pair which has a blue and black upper finish.

These whole cuts will make an ideal addition for a black-tie attire or for most business and formal occasions.

You can also dress them down by purchasing them in brown or burgundy. THE Brown whole cuts look beautiful with a charcoal or navy suit. If you want to add a bit of bold panache, Alafa Brown is a great choice: it goes especially well with an otherwise all-black ensemble.

In the right colour they'll make you stand out in any boardroom or ballroom.

There's a reason why Alafa Brown whole cuts are the first on my list. You can't beat them when it comes to sheer elegance.

2. Ara Until about 50 years ago, loafers were dismissed as inappropriate in almost all formal business settings. Nowadays men's style is increasingly influenced by convenience and trends lean towards a more casual approach even in business settings. Loafers like the monk strap have made a comeback.

The history of the monk strap goes back over a thousand years.

Life wasn't easy for holy men in the 15th century. Quite often monks would plough fields and tend crops as part of their daily routines. At first, they wore single-buckled sandals to do a lot of this labour but eventually, there came a need for more protective footwear.

The sandal slowly evolved to cover the entirety of the foot. Fast-forward a few centuries and we now have a shoe that men love for reasons far beyond its inception as a foot guard for friars.

Though the single-strap design is more true to its origin, I prefer the double-strap because the buckles are less clunky. Some would argue that the double-monk can be dressed up, but with it being a loafer – I have to disagree.

Gents, we've talked a little bit today about some additions you can make this year as far as footwear.

There are many more excellent options out there, but these are a great way to consolidate the essentials.

With this list, you've got shoes that best encompass style and versatility – truly the two best men's dress shoes on the market.

These type of Footwears comes in different forms


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3.Mr OJO

Every Jesu Segun London shoe is handmade – from the way they burnish the leather to assembling the shoe itself. Jesu Segun London handcrafted Italian dress shoes use only 100% premium full-grain calfskin leather. To top it off, they're even great for your feet – Jesu Segun London uses memory-foam insoles that conform to your feet faster than other shoes. The leather they use are flexible and light which makes them perfect for any occasion.

The best thing about Jesun Segun London though is customer service and satisfaction. They rely on customer feedback and crowd-design for new lineups and designs, so there's no doubt they'll be listening to what you have to say. With quality and customer service like this, it's a no-brainer.

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