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Entertainment of Monday, 20 June 2016


Gospel music is never a show business - Pastor

Renowned preacher and founder of the End time Prayer Ministries, Rev. Gabriel Ansah has said, gospel music has never being popular since the time of the Saviour Jesus Christ, but was able to minister to the lost and sinners.

However, the trend he opined, has changed all because some gospel musicians of today, do not see gospel music as a ministry, rather they classify it as an industry and business.

He said, the biggest problem facing gospel music today is a result of the intent of some musicians, who only sing for money and not the ministry of God.

Gospel music is one of the vehicles through which the ideals of Christianity have been spread to audiences all over the world, he told Agyemang Prempeh host of GH Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM.

The renowned man of God said, the stories and news about musicians in general are distasteful, thus it has affected the impact of what the ministry today.

He posited, if gospel musicians begin to see gospel music as show business instead of the key purpose of soul winning, they musicians will fade out.

Gospel music he stated have two main purpose; one to win souls for God's kingdom, and two; to worship God our creator.

''Gospel music should see their work as a ministry and not show business or for purposes of winning awards but for soul winning. Today gospel music has turned into entertainment instead of ministry,'' this worrying he insisted.

Rev. Gabriel Ansah said, gospel music in the past invokes the power of the Holy Spirit and heals and amends the broken heart, but today, the power and influence of the Holy Spirit, can no longer be seen in the ministry.

He told Agyemang Prempeh that some gospel musicians are churning out what he calls 'challenge' songs, and for him as a Pentecost, he will not invite such musicians to his programmes.

''There are certain gospel musicians the church of Pentecost will not invite them, because of the kind of songs they churn out. We are not God but, the kind of songs some musicians sing cannot be allowed in our churches.''

Gospel music is not about extravagance, opulence, and flamboyance. The virtues of the gospel he emphasized, is premised on simplicity and not an extravagant lifestyles exhibited by some gospel musicians.

The reverend minister quoted another man of God who once said, ''when the focus becomes money, then there is no revival''.

He chastised musicians who fake stories in the media just to stay relevant, an act he bemoaned are in sharp contrast of the principles of Christianity and the ministry of God.

Rev. Gabriel Ansah stressed the need for musicians to seek good counsel, to ensure that they do not depart from their the gospel of Christ.

''Gospel music is a music that is written particularly to express sentiments and ideas of Christian life. Gospel music inspires body and soul. Gospel music is not a show business it is a ministry. The moment Gospel musicians begins to dress like pagans, than how do we convert them?''

''Gospel music should not be show business. Rev, Gabriel Ansah say so. The gospel is never a show business. The moment you enter into show business, you have to behave like celebrities, icons just like its done in Hollywood. We are dressing and making out like them.''