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Music of Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Give your songs to the right DJs – Wei Ye Oteng to musicians

Wei Ye Oteng Wei Ye Oteng

Chief Executive Officer of Drum Lyne Studios, Justice Oteng, known in showbiz as Wei Ye Oteng has observed that some songs fail to hit regardless of their quality because musicians refuse to give them to the right DJs and promoters.

According to him, some musicians look for DJs with huge following and listenership without considering the kind of songs such DJs feed their listeners with.

He believes handing a mid-tempo song over to a DJ with huge following but known for high tempo songs is a wrong move as the DJ will play the song for a while and stop because it does not fit his brand.

“When you have a song, you should always know who you’ll give that song to. Once you miss that, you miss your whole life. DJ’s protect their interest and brands of delivering to his fans the choice of songs they’ve loved him for. So you have missed your shorts by giving him a story he can’t constantly present to his followers. They refused to give their songs to the right people. They go out for those who are famous, they go out for DJs who have large following forgetting that those DJs are doing something that is not within their terrain,” Wei ye Oteng said on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz, Monday.

Oteng also indicated that some musicians after making hits, relent on their efforts as complacency sets in. This according to him is a recipe for disaster because there are other acts that are hungry to be at the top.

“Definitely, as time goes on, if your songs are not popping anymore, you will lose out. Over time, people are singing new stuffs and when these stuffs keep coming and you’re unable to match up, naturally, you’ll go down because we are all fighting for one spot,”
he remarked.

Oteng has produced hit songs including Sidney’s ‘Kpongor’, Obrafour’s ‘Odasani’, Trigmatic’s ‘Wo Sika Nti’, Obour’s ‘Single Ladies’ and Koo Ntakra’s ‘M’akoma’.