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Entertainment of Sunday, 28 May 2017


Ghana Meets Naija organisers are biased - Nii Funny

Hiplife artiste, Nii Funny has expressed his disappointment at the clear show of discrimination by organisers of the annual Ghana Meets Naija awards.

In a post on Facebook, the artiste recalled that last although he was made to rehearse with his nine-year-old dancer, she was not allowed to perform due to several reasons given by the organisers including the fact that minors are not supposed to be seen at such events in the evening and because an alcoholic beverage was a sponsor.

However, this year, winner of the Talented Kids show, Dj Switch was given the opportunity to thrill patrons of the Ghana Meets Niger show. This year, there was an alcoholic beverage as a sponsor; something Nii Funny sees as a clear show of double standards by the organisers of the event.

He expressed his disappointment on why organisers of the show will be biased and choosy when clearly both acts are minor and should be treated equally.

He added that he would not complain to be tagged disrespectful.

Nii Funny posted: “Last year, organisers of Ghana Meets Naija gave me the opportunity to be on the show. It was a free performance but I’m grateful for it. The organisers and my manager spoke and agreed on my stage craft for about two weeks. Based on that arrangement we started rehearsal and bought our costumes for our crew. We got to the venue on the day of the event for the sound check only to be told by the organisers that I have to change my stage act because it involves a 9-year-old girl. They insisted the girl can NEVER go on a Ghana Meets Naija stage because it was a night show and in Ghana, children are not permitted to perform after 6 pm. They also raised an argument that one of the sponsors was an alcoholic beverage. I had no choice but to perform dry without any craft. I was not happy. This year the same Ghana Meets Naija has put DJ Switch on the program and she left the stage a few minutes before 10 pm. (She put up a good very show) Clearly DJ Switch is a child and just about the same age with my little dancer. Indeed both of them contested in the recent Talented Kids show on TV3. So I ask myself why the double standards. And oh yes, Alomo Bitters, an alcoholic beverage was a sponsor of this year’s Ghana Meets Naija. They even mounted a stand right in the auditorium and sold their products there while DJ Switch was live on stage. Hmmmmm… if I open my mouth p3, they would say Bukom boys do not respect.”