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Entertainment of Friday, 8 May 2015


Gemini reveals why he dissed Sarkodie

In the cypher, the now BET winner delivered lines which many music fans believed were corny.

The lyrics read;

“So many emcees back in Africa making a perfect meal, but I’m the missing ingredient, call me the Irish cream.”

To explain himself, Sark tweeted “So peeps fink I can be so dumb to say what they thinking?? Like on an International cypher???”

“Okk so just 2 clear things up 4 ma fans I am missing in da meal so I'm on da side now *irish cream*.. N that is after meal is done!!!”

“Mcees know this. Something spaces in between flows doesn't allow u explain stuff into details and wen it’s been cut short it might mean different.”

Gemini in an interview with RyseNShyne's Akosua Hanson revealed he was dissing Sarkodie in EL's Go To Church track.

In Go To Church, Gemini rapped; "Ain't no missing ingredient that's the dumbest line with all the experience, how can numbers lie"

Defending his lyrics he said;

“In rap there is something called subliminal, they are not insults, they are indirect approach to address issues, Oh yeah, and it’s obvious I was hitting at Sarkodie. Every rapper claims they are the best so when you want a big kill you go for the big fish. He is topping in the game and if you want to make a statement you have to address him and people will fear you. Because if you are addressing Sarkodie then you must be dope. I'm the dopest and we are cool because he shouted me out on his Return of the Spartans.