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Entertainment of Saturday, 28 November 2015


Gasmilla bags huge cash from Vodafone

Gasmilla Gasmilla

It’s quite unfortunate that regardless of the massive airplay Gasmilla’s Telemo has received for some months now and the fact that he has become quite popular and sought-after; the song will not be nominated in the next Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

However, it should be noted that Gasmilla has really benefitted in different other ways due to Telemo and one way he has benefitted is being contracted to shoot an advert for Vodafone.

Speaking to Flex Newspaper in an exclusive interview, the telemo hit maker, Gasmilla noted that representatives of Vodafone in charge of Yetwi Kor Promotion expressed interest in him to shoot the advert as a promotional tool for the promotion.

In the advert, Gasmilla did a different rendition of Telemo to highlight the important details of the Yetwi Kor Promotion.

He mentioned that before then, many people and some agencies had tried to link him to the Vodafone advert but he didn’t pay heed to them as he wanted to work with Vodafone directly. When asked how financially rewarding shooting of the advert for Vodafone was, Gasmilla could not mention any specific figure due to the Confidentiality Clause contained in the contract signed between him and Vodafone which prevents him from divulging certain information with respect to the contract but maintained that the amount of money involved is very huge.

Even though he still declined to mention a figure, Gasmilla noted that for the fact that he charges an average of 80,000 Ghana for any major show that alone should give an idea of how much he must have charged for the advert.

According to him, the advert was shot in September 2015 right after he had completed his ”Falefale Campaign” and maintained that his association with Vodafone so far as the advert is concerned, does not necessarily mean he has been signed on as an Ambassador for the telecommunications company.

Meanwhile, Gasmilla has released a new single titled "swordu” which speaks about how people betray their loved ones and reveal their confidential and personal information even though these information should have been kept out of the public domain.

He noted that the song is bound to positively affect anyone who listens to it as each and everyone would be able to relate to the song as its subject is a recurrent phenomenon in our daily lives.

In as much as Telemo seems to be his greatest hit song so far, Gasmilla noted that he is very confident that ”swordu” would be much better and a bigger hit than Telemo.

The song was produced by Spanky and Gasmilla did not feature any artiste. He reiterated that even though he does his song for his fans but not because he wants to win awards, he is confident that "swordu” could receive some nominations in the next Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Still talking about Telemo which is unlikely to receive any nomination in the next Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Gasmilla however believes he could still be nominated in the Artiste of the Year category as he has been able to perform on several platforms much more than any other artiste within the year. He also hopes that his ”falefale” song could be considered as the Development Song of the Year.