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Entertainment of Saturday, 16 July 2016


Funny Face is talking too much!

Funny Face and his ex wife Funny Face and his ex wife

News of comedian, Funny Face divorcing his wife, Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim, never moved me. Certainly, I was not surprised not because I wished it happened whatsoever but for a simple reason that nothing surprises me in life anymore.

Funny Face via his various social media accounts confirmed a publication by Flex Newspaper that he had secretly divorced his wife two years after their union and stated that the divorce happened seven months ago.

“I guess you can’t light a candle and hide it under your bed… People will see the light… It’s been seven months ago… All I have to say is IT JUST DIDN’T WORK,” he posted.

The response from Funny face made me doff my heart out to him because he stayed away from giving details of what really informed his decision to end the marriage.

Trust the media to follow up on issues of such nature to feed their readers and listeners. Nonetheless, after monitoring his interview on Pluzz FM, the “actual” cause of the breakup was still kept secret, leaving Ghanaians to speculate.

The biggest rumour was that the wife cheated on him on several occasions and was caught. Funny Face was said to have gone through a lot of emotional trauma and had no option than to call it quit.

Unfortunately, Funny Face has given a clue with regards to why he divorced his wife and that gets me worried. He seems to be on a journey of letting the world know that the wife erred beyond forgiveness. on Friday published that Funny Face has posted a video on Instagram asking all to remember him in their prayers because he was going through a lot. In the said video, Funny Face stated that some people were calling on him to expose the wife [the cause of the breakup] but he will never do that to tarnish her image.

“I’ve been with her, she once shared my bed… Some of her friends who know the story want me to talk but no! What will I get?… I will not come out and tarnish her image… People say I’m granting interviews. I have never spoken to anybody,” he said.

Was that really necessary? To me, he has indirectly smeared the face of the lady with mud with such a statement. The difference is, people are left in the dark as to what ‘terrible’ sin the wife committed.

Oh yes! People want you to expose her but you won’t so why come out and say people want you to expose her? Could that be interpreted to mean it is an attempt to gain some undue form of sympathy from the populace?

Funny Face’s inability/unwillingness to shut up has led to some ‘shocking’ developments. Expect a lady to fight back. Reports suggest that his former wife is alleging that Funny Face was rather the cheat. The comedian is said to have been caught defiling his matrimonial bed severally. The worse of it is he allegedly beat his wife mercilessly.

My point is, Funny Face could have saved us all these if he had stopped talking about the breakup. The confirmation was just enough. Issues in marriage are not for public consumption.