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Entertainment of Monday, 26 August 2019


Filmmaker Peter Sedufia builds new community for imminent production

Peter Sedufia is the founder of Oldfilm Productions

In a time where filmmakers not just in Ghana but, other parts of Africa are crying over the invasion of foreign stories causing the drowning African-stories, Peter Sedufia, founder of Oldfilm Productions, the film house that played a part in the upgrade of stories seen in Ghanaian cinemas still sticks to organic and unadulterated classic stories. The production house gave movie enthusiasts a glimpse of what’s to come from their coffers in the future when the company released the much-acclaimed Keteke movie.

Just before the hype and the numerous awards won by the movie was slowly faded from the lips and away from front-page headlines, Peter Sedudia and his crew rejuvenated the scenes with Sidechic Gang, a dive into relationship-spy activities, the movie was carefully woven to expose and shorten the long arm of infidelity. Peter Sedufia jointly directed his third production titled Away Bus with Kofi Asamoah.

It isn’t surprising the bold and timely step taking by Peter Sedufia to continue on the path of thinking within and outside the box to explore and dissect Ghanaian history and tradition, that was bared in his upcoming movie, for which, he is constructing 100 homes to build a community inhabited by locals.

On the grounds, where the construction was underway, Peter Sedufia was asked by BBC Reporter about the vision for the story, which he says centres on social conflict within the community, he revealed that he is making films to challenge himself not to compete with other filmmakers, and to inspire the young generation to think, draw and turn their creative ideas into action.

Filmmaker Peter Sedufia Builds New Community For Imminent Production

The affable and down-to-earth producer joined workers on the site, to think-through already laid plans for the community, where adjustment needs to be effected including colour-pattern and discussion to meet the deadline of construction. If that’s not met then, production will begin with the first set of buildings, while others are being raised as well.

The virgin land for the upcoming production, which Peter Sedufia scouted and acquired at Dabala, in the Volta Region will be the location for the entire production which starts either in the latter part of August or the first week in September 2019. The prominent question on the lips of the visiting team to the land was what the community will be used for after the shoot is done.

Two plans have been constructively thought through by Peter and his team – allow other filmmakers to use it for their productions or donate it to the people of Dabala.

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