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LifeStyle of Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Source: e.TV Ghana

Feature: Who is your friend?

We all have a couple of people in our lives we refer to as friends; but have we really taken our time to ask ourselves who they really are and their roles in our lives?

Ever heard of the saying, “show me your friend and I’ll show you your character” do you know what this means?

You often hear people say you know who your friends are when you find yourself in difficult situations but how true do you think this is.

The word friend I think has been misunderstood by many because for me, I believe a friend is one you can always talk to; who is always ready to listen and give good counsel and should support and always stand by you in every way.

I believe, your friend should be able to tell you when you are right and also when you are wrong.

But rather what do we see today? Friends betraying friends; friends backbiting amongst others.

Many have lost life-changing opportunities because of friends while others have also made many accomplishments because of friends.

Ever heard the phase “Choose your friends and don’t let your friends choose you?” A friend should be someone you can trust and confide in always.

Most people, just use the term “friend” for people, without really knowing anything about them and the impact they can have on their lives.

Nowadays, friendships have been underrated and I think people just call themselves friends without knowing what they mean to them.

My little advice, do not just make friends rather, make friends who impact your life and friends who will want to see you do well.

Always remember a friend should be one you can trust and call on at any given day, place and time.

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