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Source: Isaac Obeng

Feature: A few real talents

It’s almost a decade since Ghana lost the battle to Nigeria as the hub of home entertainment. Giving our rich history as pioneers of West Africa’s movie industry, one would expect a progressively dominant and thriving industry in the motherland.

Venus films, Lucky films, Gama films among others were the solid institutions that did not just provide the average Ghanaian with exciting productions but were the firm foundations for most Nigerian directors, producers and actors. Nollywood was only but a baby and Nigerians were frequent on Ghanaian Television; shows, movies, concerts, comedy etc.

“Naija indeed no dey carry last.” The guys took all they can from here and became masters of it. It’s not like it was new: Highlife music and quite recently Azonto is said to have originated from the green, white, green country. Pretty sad.

The average Ghanaian is conservative, hypocritical and nonchalant. Values are not strongly placed on intellectual properties and that is why 60 years after independence there are no systems to develop, improve and monetize the arts industry.

The debate goes on however the challenges in the movie industry since its decline has been attributed to the following:

• Content (Stories)

• Market

• Productions (cinematography)

• Funds

• Talents

Let’s dwell on talents in this article. Is it just me or in this country it is almost as if we suppress change. We actually do. In Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood, new talents are thrown in our faces every now and then. Oh and when they do, they promote them.

They give you every reason to watch them again and again and these talents deliver by the way. Ok who really knew Chris Hemsworth until THOR or Henry Cavil until SUPERMAN? Even Cary Fukunanga saw something in a young Ashaiman boy who knew nothing close to acting but today we celebrate as Abraham Attah.

I put it to the various film associations and assigned Ministries that our success in the art again demands a holistic approach rather than cry for funds that will eventually end up in the pocket of one association executive. If CHANGE HAS COME please let’s see it.

Here are a list of some of the best and most promising talents Africa must look out for and yes they are all Ghanaians:

Henry Adofo
Most of us by now are familiar with the sweet bald headed Henry Adofo. The Italian based Ghanaian has featured in both local and international films including his debut, House of Gold, Freetown, Lotanna and a few others. Look up his IMDB profile for his filmography.

Godwin Namboh
Godwin Namboh is winning the hearts of many critics. Stands out as one of the finest products from the school of performing Arts, University of Ghana with features in both international and award winning local productions such as Freetown, Shampaign, and Potomanto. Check out his IMDB profile.

Anthony Woode
T Wood, real name Anthony Woode is by far the fastest rising and a king on the screens. Many have likened him to Adjetey Anang but Woode carries his own atmosphere. Featured in many award winning films and shows including his co-produced short film, BITTER SWEEET WINE, ANNOUNCEMENT, LIVING WITH TRISHA and more.

Jeffrey Nortey
Jeff is amazingly talented in many ways but being in front of the camera is chief of them. The ladies’ man has featured in many outstanding and award winning productions such as LIVING WITH TRISHA, VICTIMS, CHARADE, HEAVEN CAN WAIT and more.

Joseph Ortsiman
Fante blood, Joseph is amazingly talented in front and behind the camera. Featured in the international award winning movies like THE CURSED ONES and leads the pack in THE BURIAL OF KOJO.

Solomon Fixon Owoo
Solomon is a master on stage and on screen; putting together years of experience, he’s a delight to watch. Solomon has made appearances in plays like Holy Torture and in upcoming movie, Lucky.

Alphonse Menyo
Comedian and actor Alphonse is impressive in both fields. His ability to play serious roles and yet a master in cracking viewers up is something the continent should be on the lookout for. His features include Freetown, Arena, Black Rose and self-produced Utopia.

Brian Angels
Unquestionable talent, creative and professional. Brian delivers in every feature including Beast of No Nation.

Kweku Elliot
Mr. Elliot has fast risen as a fine actor and his role in the upcoming Epic feature, HERO, will prove it. He has also featured movies like if tomorrow never comes and award winning TV show, Heartbreak hotel.

Raymond Sarfo
Raymond’s role in award winning movie Keteke raised a lot of hopes and got many believing in the ability of the Ghanaian movie industry rising again.

Tinel Dickens
Tinel is a goddess on the screen: unquestionably professional and innovative. She’s a delight to watch especially maybe because of her ability to portray every character without doubts. She’s features in award winning television drama, Shampaign and movies like Heaven Can wait

Princess Fathia Nkrumah
Princess’ cute look will deceive you until you see what a dynamite she is on screen. A fine young lady who knows what characterization is about. Find her in Shampaign and upcoming feature, Party of 5

Sitsofe Tsikor
Rising by the day with her resilience and determination, Sitsoe has grown into a force to reckon with on the screens. She brings it to the table real hard and it’s no surprise how she’s earning screen time in features beyond the shores of Ghana. Squatters, Sunshine Avenue are a few of her works.

This hidden treasure has finally been unearthed. The fine black beauty won’t only charm you with her personifications but send shivers down your spine. Watch Mamle in The Burial of Kojo then judge for yourselves

Miriam Safowaa
A phenomenal actor by every standard. Miriam is a superb talent on screen and her TV drama Dirty Pretty Secrets and Sunshine Avenue speaks for itself.