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Entertainment of Friday, 15 July 2016


Family of Nii Odoi mensah divided over missing funeral cash

Late Nii Odoi Mensah Late Nii Odoi Mensah

Just recently ,a family member and a brother of the late ex-Ghana Actors Guild president, Nii Odoi Mensah, called T.T announced that an undisclosed amount of money the president sent to be given to the family has gone missing.

According to T.T, the president delegated Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare to the funeral due to his late mother’s death but after publicly telling well wishers who were at the funeral grounds about the cash, family of Nii Odoi Mensah cannot find the whereabouts of the money.

T.T continued that the family has made several efforts to meet the Minister to inform her about the development but all have proved futile due to her busy schedules.

But Speaking to Reagan Mends of, another family member and a younger brother of the late Nii Odoi called Ezekiel Mensah has debunked T.T's claims by indicating that:

"T.T has no right to talk about Nii odoi's properties or about monies meant for him publicly because he is from the maternal side of Nii Odoi's family and I am from the paternal side.

"Since we are from La,normally those from the paternal side inherit properties or anything regarding to money from the deceased.

"T.T doesn't bear our surname (Mensah). His real name is Tetteh Annum (T.T) not Tetteh Mensah because he is from the maternal side.

"we are very surprised he is saying all these things. Even if that's the case he shouldn't have come publicly to make those unfriendly allegations. its a big shame ." Ezekiel told

Ezekiel, passionately continued that , " I just can't understand why Nii Odoi Mensah is dead and the family is divided, mean while they know very well that our tradition and norms frowns on what they are doing especially T.T...the problems are too much. Why can't T.T for ones let peace reign?

Ezekiel who is also the technical manager of Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing company (GCMC) sorrowfully pleaded with the media to desist from granting T.T interviews.

According to him,the media should contact him or anybody from the paternal side of the family with regards to information about his late brother (Nii Odoi Mensah)