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Empress Gifty recounts how she survived plane crash and dumped her crutches

Empress Gifty made the revelations when she took her turn on 'Restoration with Stacy' play videoEmpress Gifty made the revelations when she took her turn on 'Restoration with Stacy'

Gospel musician Empress Gifty Adorye (formerly Gifty Osei) has recalled her journey to seek medical attention some years ago worsened her plights as she got involved in a plane crash midway through her destination.

The singer was one of the passengers aboard the Starbow flight which made an emergency landing on October 28, 2014, at the Kotoka International Airport after it developed a mechanical fault mid-air.

According to the popular musician, the “terrible incident” happened at a time she was facing serious challenges in her marriage.

The then husband, Prophet Elisha Osei had in 2012 indicated to her his intention to exit the union based on some reports he had received about her. In 2013, she was involved in an accident in the US and was unable to walk. The development, she said, made it impossible for the husband to carry out the plan to divorce her.

Making these revelations on ‘Restoration with Stacy’ in local dialect – Twi - Empress mentioned that she flew from the US to Ghana and was told ‘someone’ at a herbal clinic in Tarkoradi could make her walk again.

“We planned to go by air. In the morning, my mother told me she has rescinded her decision; she will rather go with an STC bus. I was surprised,” she said. “I got to the airport, got on board the plane. I called my mum the flight was about to take off. Then she told me she’s had a vision about the journey. It was not a good one but she didn’t know how to communicate that to me.”

Attempts to get her mother disclose what she had seen proved futile as she [the mother] rather encouraged her [Gifty] to continue the journey.

“In less than 10 minutes, we were told there has to be an emergency landing. We needed to go back to Accra because the flight had developed a fault. If we don’t return to Accra, not a single soul would survive. It was scary. Everybody was praying. It was a terrible experience,” she recalled.

Empress told host Stacy, that after the terrifying emergency landing, she was taken to the Airport Hospital for treatment.

“I couldn’t move any of my legs,” she said with teary eyes.

The musician continued she later went to Takoradi with her mother to see the herbalist. This time, they went with the STC bus.

“The man treated me with herbs and said I’d fall asleep. I slept and I had a dream. I dreamt I was at the theatre flanked by many people in white and could feel somebody was stitching my back. According to my mother, I slept from morning to evening. I told her about the dream and she said it will manifest, I should have faith,” she stated.

“On the fifth day, there was a miracle,” she said in an elated manner.

Empress whose marriage with Prophet Osei ended 10 years ago is now married to Hopeson Adorye - the Deputy National Security Coordinator in charge of Airports who lost his wife in March 2017 after battling with cancer.