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Emmanuel France has physical and spiritual solutions for 'cursed' Ghana

Nollywood actor, Emmanuel France play videoNollywood actor, Emmanuel France

Ghanaian Nigeria based Nollywood actor Emmanuel France has made some shocking revelations behind the name “Ghana” and how he lived with a ghost for 3 months unknowingly.

During an interview with him on “Showbiz Agenda” on Zylofon FM 102.1 with Sammy Flex, he stated that Ghana was named after an old empire with the spelling being changed.

“Gana was an old empire in which Nkrumah decided that why not name Gold Coast after the old empire. So Nkrumah decided to name it after it changing the spellings to Ghana meaning God Has Accepted Nkrumah Already. Well, then he said the Independence of Ghana is meaningless until it is being linked with the liberation of Africa so seek ye the political kingdom and all shall be added to you. He through all his declarations meant there was no God. As a young man, ask yourself what has been added to you. That’s why there is Boko Haram and blood is being shed all over” he narrated.

According to him, Ghana is living in darkness because the first president the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah chose a black star as a symbol of the country.

”He chose the black star as your symbol which does not exist. God created all celestial bodies bright. The moon, sun, and stars are all bright but you chose a black star so the country is in darkness” he added.

Explaining further, he claimed that his ideologies were not gotten from any book but rather revealed to him by God in his dreams.

“All these things I’m telling you, I didn’t read it in any book. I had a dream and I saw a priest. Seven years later, I had the same dream and I saw the same priest which was to tell me that God was involved”

Mr. France Claimed. Answering a question as to how the curse could be lifted from Ghana, he advised the president to change the black star symbol and also change the name of the currency from cedi to Gold.

"Nana Addo has solutions to the problems of the country. Oh yes, he should change the black star symbol to Gye Nyame. The name of the currency should be changed from cedi to Gold. Can’t you see the cedis is useless? The cedi is just like cowries because, in the olden days, you need to have a lot of cowries in order to buy a small thing. It should be called Gold” he revealed.

Talking about his role as a native doctor in his movies, he pointed out that he was at the age of nine when he started playing a native doctor role in movies.

Responding to how he was able to live with a ghost for 3 months, he said “no I didn’t live with a ghost but he lived with us. My grandfather was Sariki Sabongari in Kano which means king of New City. The ghost came from Accra to our place. He was a Ga so he was coming to see his Ga king so that he could eat. My mother told me this story because I was a little baby then.

"The ghost woke up in the middle of the night saying he wants to go. That time there wasn’t a vehicle rather trains. You could use three days from Kano so around 4 am, they made someone carry his box and they went to the station. Before the station, there was a garden.

"It was early in the morning around 4 am where he stood back and said he was coming. The boy who took him asked him to offload his box even though it was small, he said it was heavy. When he offloaded the box and turned, he had disappeared.

"In the morning around 10, a lady came with the news and said there was a big funeral in Gold Coast. That Naa Wol)m) was dead and I said the same Naa wol)m) who just left here, who has lived with us for about 3 months, she said that was exactly when he died” Emmanuel France added to the amazement of all."