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Music of Monday, 11 December 2017


Ebony performs her maiden gospel song 'Aseda' at West Hills Mall

Ebony performs 'Aseda' on stage play videoEbony performs 'Aseda' on stage

Ebony is back again with her new joint she title’s “Aseda” which in literal term translates “Thanksgiving”.

The 90’s badgyal is known to be the bad girl with her dressing and how she performs on stage and in her music videos, according to her manager, she is just doing what she feels will sell for her and she has no intentions of changing how she put her lyrics together in her music or change how she dresses out on a show and even more her video clips.

Over the weekend Ebony performed her new song “Aseda” at the Bonyfied album concert and thrilled fans with her dressing and the energy she uses when she comes on stage.