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Entertainment of Monday, 11 May 2015

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#DumsorMustStop campaign: History will remember Sarkodie, Yvonne, Lydia and others

Since time immemorial, history has not been written by ordinary daily actions, words or events. It has been written by extraordinary events, words and actions taken by men and women who went an extra mile of doing the ordinary and what is seen as normal, to doing the unusual or extraordinary.

And from the looks of things Sarkodie, BlakkRasta ,Yvonne Nelson, EL, John Dumelo, A Pluse, Guru, M.anifest, fokin Bois, Fiifi Selah, YaaPono, Efya Schwarzenegger, Mensa, Iwan, Lydia Forson, Opanka, Reggie Rockstone, Ameyaw Debrah, Kojo Ghanabia, Nana Kwesi Asare, MzNaa, Ebenezer Anangfio, NiiAtakora Mensah, George Mensah Britton, Deejay Ashmen, Emmanuel BossuKule, Ben thehitmaker, DJ Huarache, Cape Threesity, Kwawkese, Chase , Cypress, DJ Mic smith, DJ Zyon and others, have become the true and the new face of patriotic citizens of our motherland, Ghana, by their actions, have just scribbled their names boldly in the history books and the minds of many Ghanaians.

All the Ghanaian men and women in our school history books and those immortalized as paintings and statues in museums, lecture halls, government and social grounds in various parts of the country didn’t earn the privilege by doing what everybody was doing or saying; they went an extra mile during their time when others did nothing.

The heroine queen mother of Ejisu of the Asante Empire, YaaAsantewaa’s name is on every Asante’s and other tribe’s lips not because she stood still and watched things go bad in society.

She boldly stepped forward to fight for what was right and what she believe in when even the men who were to protect them gave up on them; and today we just don’t mention her name in any trivial conversation, but we mention her name in relation to prestige, honor, bravery, good will and of confidence.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to date, is known as one of the outstanding African of all time, even years after his death, his records still stand and once again, not because he did the same things all other men did during his time, but because he took a stand.

He took a stand and stood for our freedom, for what he believed in and what was right for his people, which led a major event in Ghana’s history, our independence and by extension that of Africa.

He and the other five who fought for our freedom have now earned their place in our history books and on our currency and with the title of the “Big six”. They all spoke and fought for their people to enable them regain freedom, for a better life and for prosperity, but not just by doing the normal actions of men, they went an extra mile.

Am sure when Dr Kwame Nkrumah started the campaign for Ghana’s freedom, he also faced strong opposition from his own close friends, family, church members, intellectuals, teachers and other highly educated people who still wanted us to be colonized by our colonial master because of their own reasons, fears, beliefs and self-interest, so am not surprised one bit at the insults and tantrums thrown at these men and women who are calling for things to be resolved.

Dr Kwame Nkrumah, YaaAsantewaa, ex-President Jerry John Rawlings and other bold men and women whose actions brought this nation this far did not do it on a silver platter or with the whole nation cheering for them, they did it against the odds and they made history.

These celebrities have followed suit by doing the extra things to resolve a major problem in the country.

Sadly, some people don’t see the big picture of their actions; all or what most of us see a bunch of celebrities talking about things they know nothing about.

But when you pay your electrician to fix your bulb, can’t you complain if the light doesn’t work? Or because you know nothing about electricity, you will just sit in the darkness and say nothing about it even if your kids need the light to learn for their bright future or you need the light to go through some important documents?

Naturally, am sure your human side will kick in for you to talk about the problem, especially if you have paid the electrician or he has promised to fix the problem and give you light over and over again, but the problem still persist.

Their actions just don’t benefit them, but the whole nation and if you decline in its benefit for yourself, it definitely will be your friend, family or relation in a long run.

Others would have just been okay with Sarkodie and his other musicians rapping and talking about hustle, ladies shaking their behinds or when he is having a good time with some girls than rapping about relevant issues affecting the nation.

Some of us are also cool with Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson and the others acting in fictional tails of the movies or posting up pictures of themselves at the beach, their travel destination and will even like them more if they expose their bodies all in the name of fashion, but will chastise them when speak of national development.

The Tweaa DCE said it all

They have the platform and when they talk, People listen so let them talk. It took Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson just two tweets to really get the #DumsorMustStop campaign going while some of us have been complaining about it got serious. So you see their voice is heard not only by the general public but by our leaders too as well. Because, if you will admit in all fairness, a sense of urgency has been added to the matter since they added their voice.

The thing is what is wrong is wrong, and what is right, is right no matter how it is painted.

YaaAsantewaa was just a queen mother who didn’t know nothing about war, but when it was necessary, she stood and did the extraordinary.

A verse in our Twianthem’s translates

Our land, this is an expensive land, our forefathers fought their blood for us.

It’s our turn to continue.

Yes, not all of us can be elected presidents or ministers, but what are we doing to make sure they don’t take us in the wrong direction?

Whether they fail in demonstrating or not, they stood and spoke for something they believe in, something right and history will never forget their actions. And Once again a million salutes.

The question people throwing insults at these celebrities should ask themselves is: who benefits and will be able to use it for campaign in 2016 if the problem is solved?