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Dubai Tycoon Falls For Becca
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Music of Friday, 26 March 2010

Source: Hi Newspaper

Dubai Tycoon Falls For Becca

2010 GMA Artiste of the Year nominee, Becca’s new social responsibility campaign, Hope for the Child is, unimaginably, winning hearts for the Glo ambassador. Becca has pledged to register 10,000 children (1,000 in each region) to National Health Insurance Scheme.

At the recent fundraising dinner dubbed, “Becca’s Children Ball” at the State Banquet Hall, a Dubai-based Ghanaian business conglomerate, Mr Charles Ampofo, President/Ceo/ Board Chairman of Kampac Group of Companies, fell for Becca’s genuine dream to make lives worth living for children

Mr. Ayiomi, COO of Kampac Ghana on behalf of Mr Charles Ampofo (and the group) pledged $1 Million, which is to be paid in $100,000 installments annually for the next ten years.

Kampac Oil (Koil) is a company owned by Kampac Group of Companies, based in Dubai with branches in 13 countries. The company grosses $3.5B annually.

Although they were more pledges than actual donations, most contributions were made in dollars, an indication that the dinner attracted well-made people, not just from this part of the world, but other parts of the world.

The Banquet Hall of the State, which was given to Becca free of charge by the Office of the President, was packed with an array of well-meaning people from the worlds of politics, corporate and showbiz. Although we sighted empty seats, Becca’s management who put the show together claimed the tables were sold-out.

They said some people who had bought tables didn’t show up because of the heavy downpours at some parts of Accra.

The ball raised money just around the GHC 150,000 Becca needs to register that number of children. In an interview with Hi Newspaper, Becca said, she was thankful to people who made it a lot easier to host the event. “The cost effective nature of putting together the event coupled with impressive donations from the wonderful people at the event makes it a lot easier to meet the campaign’s objectives”

The management attributed the success of the event to the involvement of high profile organizations like World Bank, Delloitte and Touche, National Health Insurance Authority, Golden Tulip Hotel among others. “Most especially the credibility Becca has chalked for her self over the years” Kiki Banson, her manager told Hi Newspaper. “Becca is a manageable artiste”.

On who is not a manageable artiste, he said, “One who does not take instructions and doesn’t co-operate with his/her management”. He also mentioned Becca’s exceptional talent as a factor that makes her manageable.

Two people on bill Kwabena Kwabena and KSM didn’t show up for the night. Hi Newspaper gathered that, the date of the event was changed twice and the new date was unfavorable for the two dudes. Kwabena Kwabena is in the US to play a different show whiles KSM had other agendas on the night. Inspite of their absence, Basket Mouth and Becca made the event worth attending. Evergreen Amakye Dede undoubtedly stole the night. He got patron to the dance as he dished out one hit to the other.

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