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Music of Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Don't just talk, walk it - Reggie finally tells critics

Reggie Rockstone Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone in an explosive interview with AM Pluzz has mentioned that he's no more going to grant interviews to debate on who is the originator of Hiplife.

Currently enjoying a good run with Prodigal and Zeal on the new VVIP ticket, the Book of Hiplife rapper revealed;

“I really don’t care about whoever wants to change my Wikipedia page. The thing people don’t know is that my works stands for itself. People are talking but I’m an action person. While you sit and talk I’m at the cleanup campaign trying to clean Ghana so we have a better Ghana.

I don’t just talk, I walk it. That why I hate it when Ghanaians just wake up and talk lose and not do anything. When was the last time you heard Zapp Mallet do something significant concerning the movement of Hiplife. Why do you think I jumped on Okyeame Quophi when he goes at Sarkodie, because I know how Ghanaians are, they sit and make up stuff. That’s why I defend him because that’s my legacy.

Do you think I do really care about a fight over a name? As Pappy Kojo said; Ay3 Late. This is my last interview with this Hiplife originator issue.

I knew Zapp Mallet when he was slim and he is a good friend of mine and I won’t allow the devil to come between me and him.

The only difference is that, the reason why I’m so sensitive about this is because my father who is the reason why Hiplife became what it is today (because he funded it) is dead.

He is no more. And that man was good to these kids; he was good to Root Eye, Sidney, I and especially Zapp. This man made people’s dreams come true and today he is not alive and you wake up and speak these words knowing if he was alive he would give you a call.

Well I got news for you all, I’m not dead and I’m his son, and I have done well for myself and the movement.

If you want to be relevant, go into the studio Sydney, go into the studio Zapp Mallet, go into the studio Root Eye and put out a hit. That will really empower Hiplife. Don’t turn up later talking about you originated Hiplife with no proof or whatsoever and the media gave you attention.

I got music where you can hear me say the two words Hiplife and if they take me to court on this issues they won’t stand a chance in there", he said.