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Movies of Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Source: Francis Addo

Couples Queue For Hot Fork

AFTER HIS bluff that movie premiering is a waste of time and money, producer and CEO of Movie Africa Productions, Socrates Sarfo, seems to have eaten a humble pie as he last Saturday joined the premiering spree with his controversial ‘Hot Fork’ movie at the Executive Theatre at TV3.

Movie fans and curious individuals, including couples, had to queue for several hours just to see the movie which had a lot of media hype because of its level of exposure.

Among patrons who made their presence felt at the event were the cast and some popular faces on the showbiz scene including Nii Saka Brown, Ekow Freeman, Mr. Beautiful, Daddy Bosco, Helen Omabo, Ruweida Yakubu, Castro and a number of others, as well as the media.

The premiere was however heralded by a special screening for the media and invited guests, including the production crew. Subsequently, the general public was granted the opportunity to see the movie.

It is however difficult to say that the premiere attracted a very large crowd as the queue at the event was obviously necessitated by the limited space at TV3’s executive theatre, aside the fact that it was a free premiere.

BEATWAVES spotted some fans and couples walk away when the gates weren’t opened after waiting for some time.

Indications were that Socrates decided to use the small venue because he didn’t want a situation where he will use a bigger venue and there will be empty seats, thus creating the impression that he did not get huge patronage despite the huge media hype and the free premiere ads.

In its entirety however, the event was successful. A number of Socrates’ pals including Mr. Beautiful, openly congratulated him for the movie, at the event.

The sex scenes which generated heated debates on various media outlets, appeared as expected; but some of them were useless as the movie could have been made without them.

No new sex scenes were added to those that the public had privy to. Hence, those who thought they were going to see more sex scenes were disappointed.

Besides continuity flaws, stretching of unnecessary scenes, and shortening of essential scenes, the movie depended on the suspense and acting abilities of the cast which included Nigerian actor, Sam Uche.

At the premiere, copies of the movie were arranged for sale. It is probably in the market now.