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Entertainment of Monday, 24 July 2017


Counselor Lutterodt blasts Rashida, calls her insane and uncultured

Counselor Lutterodt play videoCounselor Lutterodt

Controversial counselor Rev George Lutterodt has taken a swipe at Rashida Black Beauty over the nude videos she released last week.

Rashida Black Beauty last week incurred the wrath and condemnation from many Ghanaians when her sexually explicit video which was shot at a place that looked like a fly-infested slum went viral.

Counselor Lutterodt in his usual ‘say it as it is’ self not only blasted the young girl but also took the time to throw punches at her parents for allowing her to behave like an uncultured human being.

He was not only upset with the naked video but he wondered what gave her (Rashida) the gut to go on Facebook Live to insult Ghanaians and talk the way she talked.

He said it is because parents are not able to control their children that is why insane, uncultured zoo-keeping children take advantage and post such things on social media.

“This is why today this insane uncultured zoo-keeping child will have the guts to use social media to speak loose. If you are a parent, and someone is looking after you, will you have the guts to go to Facebook and talk like this?” he asked angrily.

He blamed the fallen standards of societal norms and culture for the character children are exhibiting now; citing “it used to take a village to raise a child, but now because of child right everybody is on their own. No child has a right, children have privileges and responsibilities not right” he added.