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LifeStyle of Wednesday, 29 July 2020


Common careers every Ghanaian child dreamt of

File photo: A doctor File photo: A doctor

Growing up, we all had a different idea as to how our future was going to be like. We all had huge dreams especially in relation to what we wanted to be in the future.

Our careers changed a few times as we grew up but we can tell you for a fact that they definitely rotated around these before we grew up a little and faced reality!


Believe it or not, most of us thought we will become teachers although we quickly killed the idea. It made sense to say you wanted to be a teacher because you saw them as much as you saw your parents. You really weren’t exposed to any other profession as much as theirs.


Ask any of your male friends and 50% will definitely say they wanted to be a pilot when they grew up. It must have been cool to think you could fly. Closest thing to all the superheroes we liked to watch on TV.


Maybe this idea was more from our parents than us the children. Almost every parent bragged about their sons becoming presidents in the future and well…here we are.


Once the love of football was discovered, every young boy thought he could become a professional football player but lol, let’s be serious, we know most parents shut that dream down quickly because…Ghana? Footballer? In whose house?


I don’t know who told our parents this but, being a lawyer and wearing the wig and gown seemed to excite most of them especially for their daughters. Saying you wanted to become a lawyer filled them with pride and oh, if you were a talkative child, your parents definitely put the idea in your head that you will be a lawyer.


The African parents’ dream is to have a child they can call “Dr”. Almost every Ghanaian child wanted to be a doctor at some point. Everyone. It was just the one job, next to ‘Lawyer’ that made our parents so proud! The dream died quickly after we all discovered all the extra science that came with it…right?

Look at all those professions and look at most of the young people today, ditching the traditional careers and pursuing unconventional dreams and making money from it. Congratulations y’all! You have redefined what children can say they want to be in the future!