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Movies of Friday, 16 October 2015

Source: Anita Dankwah

Christian movie 'Divine Intelligence' to be released soon

Divine Intelligence Divine Intelligence

A Christian movie titled “Divine Intelligence” whose cast is made up of Christian actors and actresses from various churches like Lighthouse Chapel, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Assemblies of God Church, Praise Harvest Community Church (PHCC), the Church of Pentecost, Roman Catholic Church, ICGC, the Porters House, Action Chapel, Winners Chapel, Methodist Church, KICC, etc, is set to be released in the UK, Ghana, Nigeria, etc. soon.

The much anticipated movie having christian cast with ethnicities of English, Ghanaian, Carribean, Sierra Leonian, Nigerian, South African, Zimbabwean, Mauritian, Swazi, etc, origins all based in the UK, was written and directed by UK-based Ghanaian, Samuel Ankrah, (popularly called Sammy Ankrah) one of the core leaders and a member of the Board of Trustees of Praise Harvest Community Church in the UK, headed by Rev. Moses Asare.

Rev Moses Asare was also the Executive Producer of the movie, with Sammy Ankrah being the first producer.

Speaking earlier to Midlands News in the UK, Sammy Ankrah, who is a Geo -environmental Engineer and a Pollution Scientist by profession, said the ‘vision’ for the film was conceived in October 2009 when he caught a revelation from a message delivered by Bishop Bernard Owusu Ansah (alias Bishop O A Bernard) of Praise Valley Temple, Holland, during the annual MOVE convention of PHCC in London.

According to Sammy Ankrah, who is also a writer, Bishop O A Bernard’s message came as a catalyst to 'push forth' a concern he had been heavily burdened with over a period of time earlier.

He said some of the issues he dealt with in the film are real life occurrences he had experienced personally or had been experienced by other people which those people had made Sammy Ankrah aware of.

He bemoaned what he called “The Elitist Strategy”, which he explained to mean the development in the church where educated or relatively enlightened (per the context) preachers of the gospel cunningly use psychology in the name of God to “subdue the mental matrix” – the reasoning capabilities of vulnerable followers and potential converts.

By so doing, according to Sammy Ankrah, they manage to put fear into their victims and use certain biblical truths to brainwash the victims to unsuspectingly buy into particular self-made doctrines.

He said even so-called 'learned' people among the congregation sometimes readily fall victim to such 'schemes'.

The film maker explained that by this strategy, biblical truths are cunningly twisted by such charlatans for their selfish interest at the expense of the unsuspecting vulnerable.

The Swesco, Presec-Legon and KNUST alumni (according to his Facebook profile) stated that although he believed there are real ‘criminals’ who have mastered this craft of deception and invaded the church, the most worrying aspect are the genuine preachers of the gospel who have been influenced by the trend and have consequently resorted to fake strategies to achieve success in their ministries.

This development, according to Sammy Ankrah, is having a negative impact on the church and virtually overshadowing the good works of genuine preachers of the gospel who are doing everything possible to save lives from being lost.

The movie was anticipated to be completed and released at the end of the first quarter of the year 2011, but problems encountered during production resulted in a long delay. It is, however, expected to be released at the end of this year.

The "NPP" Factor

When news about the movie started making rounds in the UK about a month ago, there was a rumour that the writer and director of the movie, Sammy Ankrah, was connected to the top hierarchy of the New Patriotic Party.

With the release of the movie's official trailer about two weeks ago, the perceived rumour has heightened as a car with a mysterious "NPP" registration plate has been spotted in the trailer.

This has sparked questions and debate among Ghanaians living in the UK, where the movie was made, as to whether the movie or its director, truly has any links with the New Patriotic Party.

The content of the trailer, however, shows that the movie is really going to be exciting.

More information about the movie can be found on its website,, and its Facebook Page, Divine Intelligence Movie.

Watch the trailer below: