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Entertainment of Thursday, 18 April 2019

Source: Chris-Vincent Agyapong

Chris-Vincent writes: Mentally broken’ Yvonne Nelson deletes all photos of her daughter from Instagram

Yvonne Nelson and her daughter Yvonne Nelson and her daughter

Mentally Broken’-Yvonne Nelson Deletes All Photos of Her Daughter From An Instagram Page She Created For the Child—And From Her Page Too

When Yvonne Nelson created an Instagram page for her daughter, Ryn Roberts, and started posting photos of her together with a dreary amateur online reality show on Youtube revolving around the child, I stated that this same person will come back one day to mount invasion of privacy claims.

Yvonne Nelson has suddenly deleted all photos of her daughter from the Instagram page she created for her. She has also deleted all photos of her from her own page—indicating that there are some privacy concerns. Let’s hope that’s the case because the plausible alternative is that, the attention seeking desperado does not even care to use her own child to grab headlines.

Those we term celebrities are funny creatures—mostly because they are unintelligent. They act without thinking, and then have to constantly swallow their own saliva thrown to the floor.

The social media culture we all have become part of today is extensively toxic, even for adults. Therefore, I find it worrying, perhaps even stupid, when parents set up social media pages for their children—and throw them to a bunch of internet wolves.

Undoubtedly, the character Yvonne Nelson has narcissistic traits. She binges on attention and she is unable to distinguish between when to keep away and when to make headlines. Such a person as a mother who has access to the internet needs to be watched.

While social media has become a global culture, it’s still alien to Africans and we must be careful about how we use it—we should not import on wholesale how western celebrities use it.

If you are wondering why I’ve referred to Ms Nelson as mentally broken, then this is your paragraph. A few days ago, Nana Aba Anamoah sort of stated that parents who create social media pages for their kids and include captions like “I love my mummy” e.t.c are mentally broken.

Considering the timing of Yvonne Nelson’s deletion and Ms Aba’s post, one can reasonably say, someone was hit hard.

Whatever it is, Yvonne Nelson is an unsettling person—and such people do not only derive satisfaction from social media validations, they also have inner problems.

Not everyone called Wisdom is wise--you know.

--Chris-Vincent Agyapong