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Entertainment of Wednesday, 11 November 2020


Black Eagle Entertainment boss calls for unity in Ghana’s music industry

Stanley Commodore, Chief Executive Officer of Black Eagle Entertainment play videoStanley Commodore, Chief Executive Officer of Black Eagle Entertainment

Chief Executive Officer of Black Eagle Entertainment, Stanley Commodore posits that the Ghana music industry will triumph if stakeholders eschew bickering and all forms of negativity.

Mr. Commodore believes the interest in negative issues surpasses the positives – a canker he accentuates is bedeviling the sector.

According to him, there is a need for stakeholders to rally behind each other and promote brands instead of engaging in activities that render the efforts of colleagues futile.

“What we’re not doing well is the focus of some conversations,” he told GhanaWeb. “We kind of focus on the downfall or the problem an artiste may have. An artiste may be going through something and I’d be very difficult to support them through that journey.”

“I think we’d need to be a bit more positive and connected. I’m half Nigerian and if I look at how the Nigerian industry is, you see togetherness and I think we need a bit more of that in the Ghana music industry,” Mr. Commodore added.

He, however, gave the Ghana music industry a pat on the back for consistently producing good records and crossing borders.

“I like the fact that the original highlife sound is still part of the backbone of Ghana music. I like the fact that Ghana music is being consumed around the world,” Commodore remarked.

Meanwhile, Commodore has disclosed plans the label has for budding musicians. Although Black Eagle Entertainment’s first Ghanaian signee is Kurl Songx, Commodore said other musicians would soon join the silky-voiced singer.

He told GhanaWeb that Black Eagle Entertainment intends unearthing, grooming, and investing in young talents to ensure they become a force to reckon with in the music space.

“As much as we talk about investment, the goal of the label is not just money,” he said. “Of course, we want to make money but that is not the ultimate goal. The goal really is to establish these artistes, take the music to other countries. I’m looking at cross borders and boundaries…”

“We are working with a few artistes that are mentors for some of our young acts. Kwabena Kwabena for instance is doing some mentorship with some of our artistes. That to me is priceless.”