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Television of Monday, 20 June 2011

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Big Brother Amplified: Nic and Danny Evicted!

Big Brother on Sunday, June 19th, pulled yet another surprise on viewers of the reality show across Africa. Biggie unexpectedly evicted two housemates; laid back Danny from Ethiopia and open minded Nic from Kenya from the “Tails” house.

The seventh live Sunday eviction show, started with a hot performance by Ghana’s VIP (Vision In Progress) who shook the very foundation of the Big Brother Amplified stage with their hit song “I Think I Like Am”.

IK introduced himself and went straight into action to a recap of activities throughout the week in the “Heads” house. They went through several phases of the “Fear” Task: eating eggs from a bowl of water filled with frogs, fixing beads with spiders walking on your face, housemates telling horror stories, eating pizza with maggots, acting as vampires, among others.

The Head of House task, where housemates were supposed to answer general knowledge questions was won by Vina who is the new Head of House (HoH).

In the “Tails” house, the recap started with Angolan housemate, Weza’s arrival in the house. Her arrival in the house was a threat to the other girls in the house and she made them alert by dressing up elegantly every morning. They also had their turn at the various phases of the “Fear” task. The Head of House (HoH) task in the “Tails” house was won by Nic.

Big Brother showed an exclusive interview with Confidence after her eviction. She disclosed that Big Brother is one of the most difficult things she has ever done in her life.

“Big Brother is not easy,” she said.

Confidence also added that she got on well with the boys more than the ladies but there were no romantic feeling for any guy. “I feel I am reborn I am a new and changed person now. I love the experience”.

It was time for outgoing Head of House, Alex to reveal who he swapped and why.

“It is part of the game that we all hate but it is necessary nothing personal and I hope Africa will understand why I did this and vote wisely,” the only Ghanaian housemate left in the house said before the much-anticipated disclosure.

He revealed that he saved himself and put up Karen from Nigeria in his stead. Even though Karen was surprised she didn’t show her emotions. She only kept shaking her head.

IK went back into the “Tails” house and asked that Kim and Danny should stand up. After few seconds of tension and silence IK said Kim has been saved and told Danny to come on stage. He was given 60 seconds to leave the Big Brother Amplified house as his housemates hugged and bid goodbye to him. Hhe had a little moment of tete-a-tete with Alex.

When Danny got on stage, IK asked who he thought nominated him and he said he had no idea but perhaps the girls nominated him. He was extremely surprised when the housemates who nominated him, was revealed to him. He couldn’t believe his friend Alex from Ghana nominated him describing Alex as Judas.

Danny was given an opportunity to avenge his eviction and he threw a "fuse" at Alex. Alex is supposed to hug and kiss any housemate who comes close to him throughout the week, the moment he hears a loud laugh from any of his mates.

IK went back into the house after Danny’s eviction and asked Luclay, Nic and Karen to stand up. Luclay and Karen were saved and Nic was asked to leave the house and come on stage immediately. Nic got on stage and the sad news was thrown at his face that he had been evicted.

Nic told IK that the most difficult part of the game was getting to know himself. His favorite housemate of course was Kim...Kim cried inconsolably when Nic was asked to come on stage not even Nic’s last kiss and hug could stop her from crying.

He was not surprised his girlfriend Kim put him up for possible eviction. “I didn’t come into the game for any relationship,” he told IK. Nic was asked to throw a fuse (Revenge task) to a housemate of his choice and he threw the fuse to Luclay. For his punishment, Luclay will jump and scream “I feel amplified” any time Big Brother makes an announcement.

The Ghanaian hiplife crew, VIP, were called up again to amplified the stage. And they did with their danceable track “Away”.

Five housemates; Kim (Zambia), Nic (Kenya), Karen (Nigeria), Danny (Ethiopia) and Luclay (South Africa) were up for possible eviction.