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Entertainment of Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Source: Offei Akoto Ayeh, Contributor

Bad precedence as authorities sit aloof for Sandra Ankobia, others to defy gov’t ban

Sandra Ankobiah, Ghanaian lawyer Sandra Ankobiah, Ghanaian lawyer

As a lawyer and an ardent advocate for compliance of various safety protocols initiated by the Ghana Health Service and the Ministry of Health, it is shocking and hypocritical that Sandra Ankobia and her astute media colleagues will organize a party that totally disregards the safety.

The President of Ghana in his address at the workers day celebration extended the ban on social gatherings till May 31. This meant that schools, churches, mosques and social events such as parties, clubbing were all grounded to a halt to allow the country to control the spread of the deadly COVID-19.

Law enforcers in Ghana have since the various regulations were put in place have arrested and prosecuted defaulters of these regulations in various parts of the country.

So are Sandra Ankobiah and her minions above the law and beyond reprimand?

A popular Nigerian actress, Funke Akindele was arraigned in court for throwing a birthday party which was against measure put in place by the government to halt the spread of coronavirus in the country’s commercial capital, Lagos.

The actress and movie producer was said to have thwarted the effort of the officials at the frontline fighting against the deadly disease.

In the video sighted on social media by of the merrymaking and funfair that took place at the private residence of the well-touted lawyer, known personalities like Serwaa Amihere, Moesha Bodoung, Adjoa Loud, Kidi, Kwesi Arthur, Darko Vibes were seen displaying utter disregard for the President’s directives on the mandatory wearing of nose masks and social distancing.

So let’s take a critical look at this situation.

The party had several prominent personalities who equally have been advocating for people to either stay home or observe social distancing. However, these individuals were seen without nose masks neither were they observing the much talked about social distancing.

Mind you, these individuals work in various establishments and come into contact with people on a regular basis and they coming together under one roof has a higher risk of spreading the virus if even just of them has been infected and is asymptomatic.

It’s worrying to note that none of these aforementioned names has been reported to have tested for the virus and is a clear indication that these individual were carelessly endangering themselves and their family, friend and business associates who may have been protecting themselves by observing the various safety protocols.

A cursory walk through the Instagram page of Sandra leaves no traces of the well attended birthday party which indicates that she is aware that they were infringing on the regulations laid down by the city authorities and wanted to everything covered up.

So are authorities in Ghana Oblivious of this happening or it’s just a genuine case of unawareness?

As influencers in the Ghanaian celebrity space who many people look up to aren’t these individuals inciting their million followers to equally disregard the safety protocols initiated by the Ghana Health Service?

Consider the mayhem security services will have to deal with if even one-quarter of their followers decide to emulate their disregard for the law?

Just like how Funke Akindele in Nigeria and other Ghanaians were made to experience the full rigours of the law it’s imperative that Sandra Ankobiah and her minions are made to answer for their deliberate disregard for protocols they have seen and heard preaching and asking Ghanaians to adhere to.