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Entertainment of Thursday, 20 May 2021


Ayesem shares how musicians overcome discouragement

Ghanaian Hip hop musician,  Ayesem Ghanaian Hip hop musician, Ayesem

Ghanaian Hip hop musician, Stephen Kwabena Siaw stage named ‘Ayesem’, has disclosed what keeps musicians going when they get discouraged.

The Singer noted that the common factor that accounts for musicians releasing songs despite the ‘give up’ spirit is passion.

He explained that many musicians who abandon music often do so because of unrealized expectations and never had the hardcore passion in the first place.

“I know people who stopped pursuing because their expectations weren’t met. Some are in it for fame or money but when the passion is attached, it is a different ball game altogether”, he told Y97.9FM’s Chelsy Sey on the ‘Ryse n Shyne’ show.

Speaking on his experience, he shared that there have been times he felt like giving up on music but the desire to continue music is always reignited. “This is because of the passion I have for the profession”.

“At times you feel like giving up but then there is one thing called passion attached to this music thing we are doing. It always pushes us anytime we feel like giving up and that is when new music comes to mind and you feel like going to the studio. So to me it has always been the passion. If that was not the case, most of us would have stopped”, he told Chelsy Sey.

Ayesem is known for his songs such as ‘Koti’, ‘Bars’, ‘Hustle’, among others.