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Entertainment of Tuesday, 30 April 2019


Artistes who can’t play musical instruments aren’t complete musicians – says Minister Samuel SEY

Samuel S Samuel S

Samuel SÉY, a sensational Ghanaian.Gospel musician based in UK, who’s known for making controversial sAccording to him, not only the Gospel fraternity who fall short but those in the secular industry like Sarkodie, Tinny, Tickets formerly Tic Tac among others can best be described as composers but the word complete musician do not apply to them.

“Many a time, I see the media calling Sarkodie a musician or calling Tinny a musician. No!, they are rappers and not musicians. People who call themselves musicians, they have to go back to the drawing board. They have to go back to school to learn how to play instruments”, Gyedu Ambolley said this in a virtual interview with DJ Budah on New Mighty FM’s entertainment segment.

In Samuel SÉY’s estimation, most Ghanaian artistes are only good at putting words together but they’re underdogs when it comes to musical arrangement. To him, such artistes are just recording their voices without any musical techniques. So, it’s high time such artistes learn musical instruments so they can be seen as complete musicians.

“There are some people who can compose music, the idea will come, and a melodic idea will also emerge, so, they will meet somebody and sing it to him, but they cannot arrange the music, they cannot say: ‘Guitar, you play that side or trumpet play this side’; they cannot do that, so, that person only becomes a composer but not a musician,” he added.tatements has stated categorically that majority of artistes in Ghana don’t deserve to be called musicians but rather composers.

In the rightful thinking of the budding Gospel act, a musician is someone who is able to put sounds together and create a message out of it for people to enjoy.

In simple terms, Minister Samuel SÉY is trying to say that a musician should know how to play at least one music instrument. He goes on to cite Joyce Blessing, Anita Afriyie, et al. to dissociate them from the musician tag.