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Entertainment of Monday, 18 July 2016


Artiste manager Mel Kwasi Davis endorses payola

Mel Kwesi Davis Mel Kwesi Davis

Event Republic’s Chief Executive Officer and entertainment critic, Mel Kwesi Davis, on TV Africa’s show Maakye endorsed taking of payola by disc jockeys.

Mel who is an expert in artiste management spoke very well about the topic payola since he has been a culprit as a music promoter and did very well in his delivery educating viewers about the roles of Ghana Music Right Organization, steps up and coming artistes should take, what leads to payment of payola and more.

During his submission, Mel stated emphatically that payola has come to stay and we should accept it. He added that, up and coming artistes and already established artistes shouldn’t complain when they pay payola to DJ’s because they will surely get their monies back.

According to him after paying the payola to the disc jockeys, the radio stations also pay royalties to the artiste through Ghana music right organization (GHAMRO) so in a way; they will get their monies back.

He added that, no entrepreneur will establish a radio station to help people so taking of payola shouldn’t be an act that artistes should cry over. During the show, rapper Trigmatic disclosed that he has never paid payola before while hip life artiste Tic Tac confirmed paying payola.

If Mel Kwesi Davis who is currently managing high life artistes K.K Fosu, Dada Hafco and gospel artiste Perpetual Didier endorsed payment of payola which we all know it is a practice we can’t abort but minimize, won’t that motivate disc jockeys to take more if an artiste manager can make such a statement? Well, maybe he doesn’t suffer paying as others do.

Are the royalties that the artistes get from GHAMRO the same as to the payola they pay during promotion? Well, Mel can be the best person to answer since he made that statement but honestly, the amount paid as payola is much higher than the royalties they get from the organization.