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Entertainment of Wednesday, 24 January 2018


Another lady creates scene in shopping mall after boyfriend rejects her proposal

Boyfriend rejects lady's proposal play videoBoyfriend rejects lady's proposal

In yet another ‘embarassing’ video of a “proposal-gone-wrong” a lady was captured being rejected by her boyfriend after she staged a proposal at a shopping mall.

The video which has since gone viral saw the lady on her knee flanked by a few of her friends as she poured out her heart to her boyfriend whom she had plans of settling down with.

After the lady made her intentions clear to her supposed boyfriend, the young man angrily pushed the lady back and vehemently rejected her moves of proposing to him in public.

The young man then walked off but was immediately chased down by one of the friends of his girlfriend who had accompanied her to the mall.

The lady who proposed to the young man was later heard shouting and pleading with the young man amidst tears.

The ladies followed the young man into a restaurant and were still bent on getting him to accept their proposal even though he had made it quite clear with his actions that he was not interested in the marriage.

A scene was created in the restaurant as patrons turned in the direction of the young lady and her friends to catch a glimpse of what was happening.

There seems to be a growing trend of ladies trying to stage public proposals to surprise their boyfriends.

More often than not, these proposals end up going badly and leaving the ladies in question embarrassed.

Not long ago, another lady had her romantic proposal turned down by her alleged boyfriend of 5 years.

It was later revealed that the man who was being proposed to had already been married but kept it a secret from the young lady.