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Entertainment of Friday, 28 July 2017


Ampaw orders pastors to tackle indecency and stop

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Maurice Ampaw has suggested to the entire Ghanaian clergy to cease their focus on “ needless crusades".

He tasked pastors to instead preach on topics that focuses on transforming the youths minds about the current indecent exposure of today’s millennials.

Speaking on Nyansapo, he observed that the half-naked females constantly parade the streets and even have the effrontery to wear inappropriate clothing to church, yet the Men of God do not raise a hand in protest.

Ampaw argued that they rather they concentrate on organizing crusades which in his opinion is how they can generate large amounts of money thereby causing a breakdown of the moral fibre in society.

“Ghanaian pastors must stop the crusade and preach about the circulation of nude pictures around the country. Today it is Ama, tomorrow, Efia and the next day it is Rashida. The Pastors must preach against this to restore the lost dignity of society”, he appealed.

The private legal practitioner further articulated the need for pastors to address the indecent exposure eroding the youth and make a conscious effort to stop the crusades.