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Ama Mary cries on live video to apologize to Vivian Jill over semen allegations

Actress Vivian Jill Actress Vivian Jill

Woman who lied about the paternity of Kumawood actress Vivian Jill’s second son has rendered an unqualified apology amid tears to the actress.

Ama Mary who sounded remorseful explained that her statement was meant to protect and defend the actress but not to destroy and embarrass her.

In a live video, Ama Mary who is currently based in Germany explained that she was interviewed on Oman Channel over Evangelist Addai baseless comments against Vivian Jill after she claimed she is a very good friend to the actress.

Ama Mary added that she was paid 500 euros by the channel to spill everything she knows about the actress including the paternity of her second child, Alfie.

She further stated that she accepted the offer in order to defend Vivian Jill and also debunk rumors that the actress sleeps with her first son, Clinton.

Ama Mary disclosed that the man whom she claimed Vivian Jill paid 5000 euros to in order to get his semen, Claws Muller is her ex-boyfriend and just added it to the story.

According to Ama Mary, everything she said about the actress is not true and that she has never met Vivian Jill before.

Ama Mary who was in tears apologized to the Kumawood actress for fabricating lies about her and added that she made such comments out of depression.

It can be recalled that a US-based Evangelist, Kwame Addai made a shocking revelation about Vivian Jill where he claimed the actress sleeps with her first son.

Evangelist Addai added that Vivian Jill’s first son, Clinton is the biological father of her second son Alfie.

The Kumawood actress, in turn, denied all the allegations and rained insults and curses on the Evangelist.

However, just after this issue Ama Mary who claimed she is a very good friend to the actress disclosed that Vivian Jill doesn’t have a husband.

She revealed that Vivian Jill went into a contract with a man from Germany to buy his semen for 5000 euros and that was how she had her second son Alfie.

Ama Mary who was confronted by Vivian Jill via phone conversation admitted that she lied against the actress and begged for forgiveness.

The actress also warned her to retract the lies she said about her and threatened to curse her if she fails to do that.

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