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Ahenfia Nkwadaa taking over soon
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Music of Saturday, 10 May 2008

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Ahenfia Nkwadaa taking over soon

We all know hip-hop is a history of the American culture. Well, new kids on the block, I mean our own Ahenfia Nkwadaa has joined the hiphop game but has flipped their verses into Twi language but still maintain the hiphop flavor.

I guess they probably never imagined that one day they would be caught on Ghana Music.com‘s radar. As young dudes, they have been able to headline a few concerts making the audience dance to their music.

Formed by three friends, Ahenfie Nkwadaa is made up of Kwame Cash, Palm wine and Gee Mega. They will do whatever it takes to make ends meet even if it meant hustling to get a hit song or album out to music fans.

The smartest move they ever did was joining forces together to do an album. “Everybody has their own individual thing in which they excel in so putting all that together produces killer tunes”, they said.

Now that Ghana Music.com has featured them on the 1 on 1 section, fans worldwide will have their eyes on Ahenfie Nkwadaa, waiting to see the outcome of their works.

Ghana Music.com caught up with Ahenfie Nkwadaa to get some insight about the group that many are counting on to be the future of Ghanaian hip-hop in the states. Read on.

Ghana Music.com: Let’s start directly with the question that’s on top of everybody’s head:  I hear you guys are into beats making?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa: Hmmm, that is something that is in the back of our heads right now. We are just focused on writing killer tracks and putting them out there for the world to hear and vibe to but making beats is also something that we would like to look into later.

Ghana Music.com: As far as this album is concerned, what do you hope listeners get from it?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa: We want the people to listen to the tracks and know that Ahenfie Nkwadaa is for real and we are here to blaze the hiplife industry.

Ghana Music.com: Throughout the whole process (music journey), is there something you know now that you wish you knew back then before you entered the music game?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa: Charley plenty, people in the game are so shady. I mean you got people stealing other people tracks or producers trying to cheat people because they figure we don’t know much. Now we have wised up but we wish we knew all this before we even started you know.

Ghana Music.com: You’ve been in this game for some years now as underground artistes. A lot of people come out with two or three songs and then you never hear about them again. What kept you motivated and inspired to keep writing and doing music?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa:  Music is not just something you wake up one day and do. People wake up and do a track and then they lose the passion or the love for it maybe because they realize it’s not their thing or they just never had the desire to do it in the first place. We love what we do, we have love and passion for it so that’s what keeps us motivated to do the ‘fire tracks’ that we do. So rest assured that Ahenfie Nkwadaa is going to be here for a long time.

Ghana Music.com: What do you want the world to know about Ahenfie Nkwadaa whether it be music or whatever. What do want people to remember about you?

Ahenfie Nkwaada: We want the world to know that we consist of three people - Kwame Cash, Palm wine and Gee Mega. We wants the fans and everybody  to remember that everything that we put our hands on is never a joke and if not all, most of them are all hits.

Ghana Music.com: Are you guys looking to break new talent under your album or is it only a platform for your music? What’s the future of Ahenfie Nkwadaa consist of?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa:  Yea yea yea, charley we going to introduce some acts to the world on this album. People like Yong P, Big Spenders, Ayiremoo, and Kwaku Nsoroma. They all doing it real big over here in the states but hopefully they will shine on this album and the world can get a good taste of them.

The future for AFN is a good question, charley I mean we trying to go 20 albums plus you know so lots and lots of tracks, shows and the whole 9 you know.   The sky is the limit for us right now so our future is looking really bright.

Ghana Music.com: What motivated you guys to step your game up on this album?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa:  Well, first of all the album has to be the best, if not the best it has to be a very good album. There are a lot of good artistes out there right now and knowing the Ghanaian people they don’t play your music if you don’t come with your best.

Ghana Music.com: Would you agree that there’s quite a few really good Ghanaian artistes in Chicago right now?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa:  Not just Chicago alone everywhere in the state,s a lot of artist are really doing their thing right now whether it’s making beats or making songs.

Ghana Music.com: How come, no Ghanaian based in the states has ever blown up? What seems to be the problem?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa: People don’t want to see us blow simple as that. I mean when the music is coming from Ghana to the states people accept it more than us over here. It is harder for overseas artistes to get recognized because they have to go back to Ghana to do promotions and DJs take advantage of them which makes impossible to blow up, so people lose the love for it.

Ghana Music.com:  What do we need to know about Ahenfie Nkwadaa?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa:  (Laughs) People just know that we are for real and the game is about to change.

Ghana Music.com:  So, what are you plugging right now?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa:  Charley you are doing our homework right now but Ofori Amponsah, Richie, K. K. Fosu, Screw face, Castro, Maphia and many more will be over soon.

Ghana Music.com: How did you get into this lil’ culture we call hiplife?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa: Well, we started out doing hip hop so we already had a feel for the rap game. Basically we flipped everything into Twi and worked with it…that’s how the hits came about.

Ghana Music.com: If you weren’t an artist, what other job would you like to have?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa: Well apart from the music, we are all in school working on a degree. Kwame Cash is in school right now studying radiology, Palm wine is studying International Business and Gee Mega is doing Nursing so we all have something to fall on and don’t get it twisted we love what we do but we also realize education is the key to a successful life so we are getting our degrees along with the music.

Ghana Music.com: How do you guys feel about being able to rock shows?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa:  That’s when we feel most at home when we are on stage. Our stage energy is crazy and people feed off of it.

Ghana Music.com: When it comes to your personalities, how are you similar and how are you different?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa: We are all different you understand and that’s why our music has so much flavor, it’s like different ideas coming to the table. Everybody has their own individual thing in which they excel in so putting all that together produces killer tunes.

Ghana Music.com: What can fans expect from your debut album that’s coming soon?

Ahenfie Nkwadaa: Well you could expect fire, more fire. Ahenfie Nkwadaa ye dia ba, so keep your ears open because we hitting hard. AFN is here to stay.

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