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Fashion of Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Source: Attah-Effah Badu

Adu-Amani, a Ghanaian brand on a global journey

She was conceived when her mum was 42 years, and to her, that’s the greatest inspiration which drives her on, believing anything is possible. Adu-Amaning Vera of Adu Amani Klodin is one of the finest young entrepreneurs taking the Ghanaian fashion industry by storm.

She is the brain behind the adu-Amani brand which manufactures authentic African indigenous shoes, bags and fashion accessories in Ghana for the local, Nigerian and Kenyan markets. She is super passionate about colors and that has won her many clients across the globe.

Adu-Amaning Vera will on any day make the mark when mentioning young and determined Ghanaian ladies who will not be hindered by challenges in reaching their set goals. She started her fast growing company without any capital but now close to her a vision of becoming an internationally recognized fashion brand with a world-class production and manufacturing base in Africa.

Through her brand, Vera says her outfit has a mission, and that is to communicate and interpret the traditional Ghanaian and African identity to the world. The adu- Amani brand is on a global journey and its motivated owner tells the Daily Express Newspaper about herself and how this journey started :


I am a Ghanaian from the Eastern Region. I was born and grew up in Ada, and last of four children (two girls and two boys). I attended Alliance francaise and IPMC. Adu Amaning is a very creative person who takes the initiative of branding herself by effectively marketing her products and services globally. She is a blogger and this helps her to reach out to potential clients/customers.



We design and manufacture authentic African indigenous shoes, bags and fashion accessories under the tagline adu –Amani.

Apart from the brand tagged adu -Amani which originally represents where the shoes or products are coming from, our unique designs are something to remember from home or Africa as a whole with a touch of African fabric added to the collection. We have been in business for the past 3 to 4 years. Currently we are selling in Nigeria and Kenya and to other clients all over the world.

“The most unique thing about adu-Amani is made in Ghana which makes us proud as well as our clients and of high quality, our products are carefully designed, well packaged and good finishing”.

Clients are allowed to design their own shoes and customized to suits taste of collection: 80% of our designs are clients’ suggestions.

We now produce mainly five collections namely :

NEMI “meaning My Own” which is a suede male shoes with a trend of fabric behind, could be used in all kinds of weather as well as for any costume. This collection is mainly for men but on request , we serve our female clients equally.

ANIMA collection is a very colorful and stylish product. The collection is made unisex so as to reach our large client base; it is with this collection that the skills and colorful imagination of adu-Amani comes to display. Each color and style displayed in this collection comes with a unique meaning and touch.

KENTE-INSPIRED –shoes and bags neatly designed with Ghanaian handwoven original Kente cloth. Kente is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and is native to the Akan ethnic group of South Ghana.

ADUA: an Akan word meaning wood; these collections are made of wood.

VERAPELLE: an Italian word meaning pure leather. Which means the collection is made of leather.



It was never my plan to own a fashion brand but God must have his own amazing plans This business was initiated by my Friend .even though I once worked with a fashion company just after SHS but I didn’t see myself becoming a designer, I wanted to become a film maker and I was more into production, but When I set the intention to build it is more than just selling a pair of shoes. I saw something beyond my view…to stand out and be different. All my memories involve shape and colors and styling, customizing, maybe the inspiration came from there when I took over.



It’s a scary thought that you’re responsible to more people than just yourself. Your customers trust you to keep them happy, your team members turn to you for their livelihood and your investors expect return on investment. Your actions and decisions impact them, so remember to do what’s best for everyone — not just you and that has helped me on this journey.

The fashion industry is very competitive and difficult to break into. It can be a stressful career path to follow and your work is constantly scrutinized. But the key is to remain positive and believe in what you’re trying to create. If you remain determined, you will create your vision and soon others will have confidence in your designs. People want exciting, innovative designs – you should never be afraid to experiment.

Despite the difficulties, it’s a truly rewarding career and I’ve had the opportunity to meet very wonderful people.

My business has really thought me a lot about myself and meeting the needs of people, leaving them with a smile is enough to say I am successful!



My mum had me at the age of 42 which inspires me a lot. It reminds me that anything is possible , aside of that everything around me inspires me , friends , people ,culture ;even the works of other people , my clients as well and since I mostly spend time alone I imagine a lot so most of my creations are things I pictured , I imagine.

In terms of growth, our vision is to become an internationally recognized fashion brand with a world-class production and manufacturing base in Africa, Hopes are that people will remain excited and anxious to know what’s on the clothing line


I believe there is a bright future ahead but I will appreciate if Government does something about the materials we use because we import most of our materials and cost of production becomes so high which makes the products expensive. The power sector is something that must be looked at as well.

To the youth and every other person, be honest in all your dealings and your reputation and business will reap the rewards and never give up, God is the builder of all things. I am now living the dream!