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Movies of Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Source: hi newspaper

Actresses Turn to 'Players' Because Of Their Men - Beverly Afaglo

When Hi Newspaper wanted to investigate why some female celebrities move from one male celebrity to another in search of intimate relationship and sometimes get branded 'whores; not many were ready to contribute.

“The general notion that actresses are 'spoilt' and therefore move from one guy to another for relations is largely due to the guys.” says actress Beverly Afaglo.

She argues that, most actresses, unfortunately, change guys because most of the guys who come into their lives “don't want them for keeps but for sex or sometimes their fame”.

“It's amazing how some men say all sort of things when they want to get into your pants and later find ways to throw you out after achieving their goal”

So what should female celebrities in such situations do? “The fact that you have bad taste at a relationship doesn't mean you should give up on guys” “That's why you find actresses moving from one star to the other and from one top footballer to the other”, Beverly hints.

The Terracotta Best Actress in Comedy winner who has been dating musician Eugene Baah (choirmaster/Honeho of Praye fame) for the past four years has a word for her colleagues as well, “The devil you know is better than the angel you don't know”.

“Sometimes it's better to stick to the bad guy than go out looking for a better guy because he may not exist.” Narrowing down to herself, she said, “Eugene and I had had bad times when people thought our relationship had hit the rock but we ended up stronger.”

Born and bred in Tema, the “Prince's Bride” actress is a fun-loving person. Since she met and fell in love with Eugene, they found common grounds. “Eugene is an indoor person, loves to stay at home, watch TV, write (not just songs) and draw. I had to change my 'chilling' lifestyle in order to be compatible.”

Aside acting, Beverly runs Glamour Beauty Saloon at Tema Community 9.