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Entertainment of Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Actress chooses between Mahama & Akufo-Addo for a launch date

Actress Salma Mumin who premiered her blockbuster movie No Man’s Land a few days ago in a latest interview with JOEL on YFM’s #DryveOfUrLyf picked John Mahama over Akufo Addo for a lunch date.

The actress still stood by her claims she was open for scripts that would require her to act nude but it was going to cost around six to seven-figure cheques to get those scenes done.

This is the highlights of Salma’s fifteen minutes interview.

Joel: Can you stand up for any party?

Salma Mumin: No, Salma Mumin is a brand for the public whether you are NPP or NDC or whatever and I don’t see myself declaring the party I belong to.

Joel: If you had to have a lunch date with John Mahama or Nana Akufo Addo, who would you pick?

Salma Mumin: I will go for John Dramani Mahama.

Joel: What’s your message to the youth in this election year to listeners of YFM?

Salma Mumin: I will say everyone should cast their vote wisely and stay calm and peaceful.