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Movies of Friday, 20 May 2011

Source: News-One

Actress Loses Job - Having A Secret Love Affair With A Journalist At Peace FM And News One

“Kiss My Black Ass” was the only response News-One had from Socrates Sarfo, the controversial movie producer, when the paper called him to find out why he sacked actress Baby Blanch, the lady whose thick pubic hair he reportedly used a shaving stick to graze down.

News-One confirmed at press time yesterday that Socrates has sworn to end the actress’s career and has already sacked her from his Movie Africa Productions.

Socrates is also reported to have asked her to refund an amount of GH¢1500 (¢15 million) he gave her as part payment for a role in his new movie, ‘Sons of Satan’.A source told News-One that Socrates wanted something other than ‘acting’ from Baby Blanch and that he started to make that demand after the shaving of the pubic hair episode on the set of the movie, ‘What Sex Can Do’.

Blanch, on the other hand, has also given Socrates much “hell” overt the shaving matter, to an extent that he had to withdraw almost 100,000 CDs he had already put on the market. Sources say he lost an estimated $5,000 because Blanch had threatened to drag him to court if he released the movie that showed the shaving of her pubic hair. The source narrated that during the production of ‘Sons of Satan’, Socrates received a phone call from an unnamed journalist, after which he became very furious and started yelling at Baby Blanch and threatened to beat her up if she did not leave the set immediately. He was reported to have violently collected the movie script from Blanch and physically manhandled her. According to the source, while Socrates held one part of the script, Baby also held the other end and they both pulled the script until some crew members separated them.

Socrates was said to have succeeded in taking the script, after tempers cooled down. But the actress also refused to give back the money he was demanding.

According to the source, Socrates accused Baby Blanche of being a mole in his office. He reportedly accused her of having a secret love affair with a journalist from News-One and another from Peace FM and added that she sent information about him to the two journalists. When News-One called Socrates on phone over the matter, he waited for the reporter to introduce himself and ask the questions, after which he responded: “Kiss my black ass”, and slammed the phone. Further calls to the phone showed that it had been switched off.

“He said he doesn’t understand why everything that happens at Movie Africa Production is known by some particular journalists. He also said he saw some particular phone numbers on Baby’s phone,” the source revealed.