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Entertainment of Friday, 28 January 2011

Source: Kwesi Atta Sakyi

A Poem- Love Passion

Love Passion
The Moon moans at noon at the monstrosity of my love passion,
Has my object of love bewitched me with a concocted love potion?
I am deep in the belly of love infatuation,
I am about to deliver a gift of love lotion;
At the zenith of my youth, isn’t love obsession my deserved portion?
Or else, will I be ruled offside and out of fashion?
For, youth down the tunnel of the ages,
Have forever bathed in the ocean of love unlimited,
And suffered many a terrible fit of phantom love ecstasy;
The Sun sneers derisively at my rank madness,
Obduracy, obstinacy and contumacy,
Sending solar flares out and her fierce rays on my ruddy face,
Informing, me not to dote on my newly found love,
For nothing new has ever been found under her watchful
Watch from high above,
The lasses and dames fair have myriad stratagems
Up their sleeves to lure lads into their lairs,
They send you mixed signals to stir up mixed
Feelings and get you mired,
They goad you on to your intended goal,
Yet really sending you to love goal for
Hellfire torture when you are wired,
They really set your restless soul on fire,
You get fired up,
Only then to fleece many an unsuspecting ram,
And like an innocent lamb, lead you to the ditch,
Yea, the bitches surely know how to ditch the Billy goat,
The gent invariably comes off worse with many a dent,
I say, my blood churns and curdles hot in my veins
Am I a bloomer in a strange terrain?
I know no place where love rain does not reign.
I know no reins that can the boiling beast within me restrain,
For the transient carnal desire is upon me,
Simmering and sizzling hot in my loins,
And between my legs, the epicentre
Of my starry universe;
Yet the locus of logic is lodged solidly
In the upper cranial dome of conscience –
The seat of rationality and gubernatorial sanity;
For the nature of goodness, truth and chastity
Resides in the omniscient soul, the triune centre of our being,
Man on his ephemeral terrestrial
Journey fights unseen array of forces on three
Frontiers – psychological battles, physical bodily
Desires, diseases and spiritual warfare,

Only a miniscule of sages, lamas, monks, philosophers
And ascetics sail through the triangular warfare unscathed,
And to the apex of the equilateral triangle
They ascend as saints, escaping all the formidable trinity forces,
They transcend transient trivialities such as carnal love
Through the media of fasting, meditation and celibacy,
They overcome carnal desire, unbridled urbane
Taste and hubris or haughtiness of spirit,
It takes a Confucius or a Socrates
To make the correct permutation of this life,
And as it is oft said, a pig satisfied
Is a Socrates dissatisfied,
In the realm of love, Confucius paraphrased
And contradicted thus;
‘What I hear sonorous and melodious, I fall for,
What I see fair in form, I crave,
What she does do, she doesn’t understand,
But I do in my blind rave for love,
Her misunderstanding is my understanding,
Plato and the sophists say the world is unreal,
Really, reality lies in the abstract world,
It follows then that carnal love is unreal,
It is ephemeral and needs to be thumped and dumped,
Gays and heterosexuals are all amiss,
We should all strive for superordinate love –
Agape and platonic love,
Loves which neither discriminate nor cloy,
Truly Godly love that embraces all
And make you stand tall
All the time with all the chimes

Poem By Kwesi Atta Sakyi to herald Valentine. (27th January, 2011 )