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Entertainment of Wednesday, 22 April 2020


7 unforgettable, fascinating moments of the lockdown

These personalities stole the hearts of a section of the populace These personalities stole the hearts of a section of the populace

Although the three-week restriction on movements of persons within the Greater Accra, Greater Kumasi, Tema and Kasoa imposed by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as a measure to curb the spread of coronavirus engendered continuing tension, - with the unleashing of security personnel to enforce the directive coupled with some people’s inability to afford food due to their economic status - some video clips begotten from the occasion served as comic reliefs.

7 is perfect and President Akufo-Addo lifted the restrictions on movement when he delivered the 7th address on Ghana’s fight against coronavirus and so we stick to 7!

1. Opambour on Jubilee House ‘snub’

It was time to seek the face of God because Ghana had recorded cases and there were fears more would be confirmed. The president on March 19 subsequently invited some pastors to the Jubilee House for a breakfast prayer meeting. Rev. Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom of Ebenezer Miracle Centre who touts himself as ‘The Nation’s Prophet’ was conspicuously missing and he’d obviously react. In one of his engagements, he assembled his band and junior pastors and performed a song throwing witty jabs.

He could not fathom why the pastors who were invited greeted with their elbows after the prayer session. He argued that if indeed they believed their prayers were answered, they should have been bold to shake hands. Remember one of the preventive measures is ‘avoid shaking hands’!

What was more hilarious was his comment that nobody can come at him for speaking the truth.

2. Lady cries about too much sex

It seemed some people were short of options as regards how to entertain themselves hence resorted to seeking pleasure in sex. While this was their best antidote, their wives cried foul. The women were tired of having sex!

In one of the videos which emerged – source unverified – a woman refused to succumb to her husband’s demand. Nope! Sex is not paracetamol to be taken morning, afternoon, evening! With a straight, worried face and tone, she told the husband to find a girlfriend to satisfy his libido.

3. Man insults mate over nose mask

One way to not contract the virus is wearing a nose mask. Although it’s quite uncomfortable, some persons will not take chances. Interestingly, the practice infuriated a passenger. The elderly man would not heed, neither would he keep quiet over a bus conductor’s decision to adhere. With protruding veins on the neck and forehead, he insulted the young man and insisted wearing the nose mask is not only primitive but stupid. The aggressive nature of his delivery sent other passengers agog.

4. Police angry at Chinese

It is unclear where exactly this happened. A policeman behind a barricade was captured on tape vehemently jabbing a Chinese for stepping out. The visibly furious policeman will not be swayed by the explanation aimed at dousing his anger. During the interrogation session, he flipped, switched from English language to Asante Twi and warned the Chinese to mess up with him at his own peril, adding that his country brought this predicament upon the world.

5. Man concerned about where to take a shit

Before the lockdown took effect, the media, as usual hit the street to gather views. A young man was concerned about two main things – how to eat and where he would defecate considering the fact that the government did not make provision for food and he had no toilet facility in his home.

6. Argument falls flat

The burning desire of some civilians to go out and work was extinguished by security personnel at post. Of course people rendering essential services were exempted from the restrictions but it appeared some persons who did not fall under this category wanted to outsmart the officers.

The law enforcers would be strict and would be convinced beyond reasonable doubt before giving the green light. A police man went viral for butchering the English language in his attempt to rubbish a claim by a civilian.

“Your argument has fall flat!” he said.

7. Clemento Suarez’s Corona ABCD

In the midst of the scare and the inability to have fun, comedian Clemento Suarez released a three-minute video to inject some humour in the veins of the general public.

The renowned stage actor and stand-up comedian in a video assumed the character of a pupil reciting a poem about Coronavirus. The piece was woven with letters of the English alphabet.

As hilarious as it is, the piece titled "ABCD of Coronavirus" was pregnant with education as it entreats the populace to adhere to the safety and preventive measures issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO), including washing the hands with soap under running water, social distancing, covering the mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.