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5 tips on how to balance your work and relationship

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There are many individuals who find it hard to maintain their work and still have a healthy relationship with their partners. It is just like in the movies where we see young men or women whose jobs are important but also love their partner yet, find it difficult to focus on both.

It is normal to have a job that you love and do not plan on quitting soon. It is also equally normal for you to love or desire someone because you don’t want to remain lonely for life. So how do save yourself from mental stress and find effective life balance?

1.Set your priorities right

Setting priorities here doesn’t mean sacrificing one at the expense of another. It implies that you should make your partner realize how important he/she is to you. Ensure to be on the same page about your work. Let constant communication be the key. But avoid bringing your unfinished business home all the time as this might make your partner feel neglected.

2.Don’t make “very busy” your anthem

No matter how busy you are at work, a simple text message to your partner wouldn’t hurt. It wouldn’t take more than 30 seconds of your time to type “I miss you” or “I’m still thinking of you”. Remember, if one of your top business clients asked that you text them in order to remind them of your business deal, it would be at the back of your mind. So also should your partner be.

3.Remember little details

Taking a mental note of little details your partner gives every once in a while helps in achieving a better balance. For instance, if your partner briefly mentions his /her interest in a book or chocolate. You could surprise them by gifting him/ her the book or goodies or even their favourite colour of clothes.

4.Make time for each other – And be really there

Go on dates during your free days. You can spend quality time by seeing a movie or listen to each other talk about the hilarious moments you had during work or outside work. Don’t be the type who make promises to be around but doesn’t show up only to give a random excuse.

5.Do not stay angry with your partner for long

There will be times you would have a little disagreement with your partner. Just ensure to settle your differences as soon as possible because when you stay angry for long, it severs the communication bond between you and your partner and sometimes leads to a fight or a heated conversation between both parties.