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10 ways to make it as a celebrity in Ghana

Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel

The life of a celebrity is a very complicated one. You’re loved and hated in equal measure by the same people. You can be on top and at the bottom in a blink of an eye. To survive as a celebrity and stay relevant, one must be on top of the game.

In Ghana the hustle is real. Many become celebrities by doing virtually nothing. There are many who are called celebrities, yet they have no identifiable talent. These ones resort to all sort of ways and means to stay relevant and maintain their celebrityship even though it brings them no money.

To survive as a celeb in Ghana, just follow these 10 simple points and you’ll be fine. This is how many celebs survive in this part of town so maybe you can also try if you want to remain relevant in this game.

.1. Be Controversial

Controversy keeps you on the lips of the public. Whether you’re right or wrong, do something that’ll spark debate. If you’re not too sure about what we are talking about, take a cue from Afia Schwarzenegger, Mzbel or Diamond or probably, Deborah Vanessa and her brother Wanlov. You get our drift?

2. Be A Social Media Hawker

In this day and age, you can’t eliminate the importance of social media from celebrity life. All over the world, the most successful celebrities have all used social media to elevate and maintain their status. They use this medium to interact with their fans and basically walk their fans and the public through their lives and their projects. In Ghana, most celebs use their social media accounts to share photos like Yvonne Nelson, shout out friends like Juliet Ibrahim or post religious stuff like Herty Borngreat.

3. Respond To Issues

This is quite tricky, it could go well or back fire depending on how you go about it. The catch here is to know which ones to respond and how to respond. You can take the Mzbel approach and attack your critics or take the Sarkodie approach and give it the silent treatment. The Wanlov “I don’t care approach” too is very good. What about writing a letter like Lydia Forson? Which ever way, make sure it suits you.

4. Take On Your Colleagues

This is what most Ghanaian celebrities do, especially the controversial ones. They wouldn’t mind taking their colleagues through dirt just to gain some fame. Even though it’s not the best, it seems to work for them so we’ll just say if you want to be known or be relevant as a celeb in Ghana, then don’t be afraid to take on your colleagues, whether on radio or through social media. I hope you remember the John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson social media beef some months ago? What about Beverly Afaglo taking on that GhOne girl?

5. Reveal more skin and be sexual

Lately the trend has been to reveal more skin or shoot artistic nude photos to gain attention and stay in the spotlight. This new way has brought many hitherto unknown or forgotten celebs to the fore. Remember Moesha Boduong? Or the attempt to break the internet by Deborah Vanessa? What of Mzbel’s continues semi-nude photos?

6. Don’t Be Shy To Get Dirty In Public

Yes the private ones are making it but the once who are popular are those who wouldn’t mind getting dirty in public just to get their point across. If they must use explicits ways they will. If they’ll have to fight like Afia Schwarzenegger, they will. Beverly Afaglo recently took some GhOne girl to the cleaners for talking negatively about her husband Choirmaster, that little stunt got her some media attention so it worked. Afia has been loud through out her career and still winning so why not.

7. Copy From Western Celebs

Why will you even want to do what your colleague in America is doing? These are two different societies with different cultures. They talk foreign, dress foreign and act foreign. All these nude and artistic nude photos are all foreign stuff. Likewise the use of explicits in public but our celebs have copied and are using it “gracefully”, thinking that’s the way to go. Like we’ve said earlier, it’s working for them so why not try instead of just getting lost in the scene?

8. Do Things To Stay In The Media

Like mentioned in other points above, the main channel to remain on top as a celeb is to get your name on the lips of the public. So how do you do this? You make sure you get as much media attention as possible. Everything you do is gold so why not take advantage? Some will go controversy, others will go humanitarian by launching foundations or making donations to the needy. Whatever it is, do something to stay in media light.

9. Be Seen As A Playboy

This is for the guys. You need to put on that bad boy, player attitude to stay relevant. John Dumelo, Majid Michel, Prince David Osei etc. are not winning only because of their talent but also the perceived notion that they are bad boys. Ladies are the greatest fans of celebs and as a male celeb, you can’t win their support by being ordinary, you need to put on that charm which will attract them and once they accept you, you can decide not to do anything meaningful yet they’ll still adore you.

10. Stay Away From Politics

Politics in this part of town is dirty. People hate their political opponents and wouldn’t waste a breathe fighting them, bringing them down or simply avoiding them. As a Ghanaian celeb who is adored by people of various political affiliations, once you make your choice known, it kills their spirit and they will start treating you like they treat a political opponent. they will stop buying your CD’s or attending your shows or using you in movies. Case in mind is Jewel Ackah who never made it again after composing a song for the NDC. Another is Mr.Beautiful who lamented that producers have stopped contracting for movies because of his political affiliation.

Aside talent, we believe that the greatest way to succeed as a celebrity is by being true to yourself. Don’t follow the crowd and don’t get into unnecessary trouble.