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Entertainment of Thursday, 25 November 2010

Source: Marian Arthur

10 exclusive ways to make your partner love you more.

Love, they say is endless. So says the Holy bible too but have ever wondered
that this same love could fade? To think that love can kill is also another
debate. That is why we need basic tips to spice up our love relationships.

The following are 10 tips to make your partner love you more.

1.*change communication pattern*: Some partners always quarrel about little
issues that should not generate in such ,but it does because of the way
issues are confronted .For instance ,asking to go out with a partner may not
be said properly and a fuss is made out of it.

A good communication pattern will go like "darling, can we go out today, I
feel like outing"? Whiles a bad one will go like "take me out today, I feel
like outing".

In the same way, sexual communication is also important. The approach used
to request for sex from partners also can cause more harm than good. For
instance, waking one you rudely to demand sex will rather kill a person's
libido. On the other hand, a notice could be given earlier to prepare one's
mind and just before the act, a signal could follow.

Again, preparing the bed with clean sheet and straightening nicely is also a
good way to communicate sex to your partner.

2. *Smell fresh always*: Strong scent from the mouth, from the armpit, from
the genital areas could affect the love of a partner.

These put people off and wouldn't want to be close to their partners. The
old paste could be changed, the roll-on could also be change for a good
scented ones.

If in any case a partner thinks,"oh, If you love me, you should learn to
appreciate however I am, if u don't then it means u don't love me", your
partner will leave you. Some behavioral patterns also have to change. If you
used to bath or brush the teeth once a day, try twice a day.

*3. Learn to say sorry when necessary*: saying sorry heals wounds. Sorry can
make an extremely furious person calm down. If you don't believe me, try it
now and see the difference that make. It won't cost a thing to say ,"Baby,
am sorry, it wasn't intentional" or "I didn't mean to offend you, am sorry"
when one does something wrong.

If you don't say sorry and someone says it outside, your partner won't come
back. I remember offending my partner but didn't want to say sorry because I
believed it was not my fault. It generated into a heated argument which
nearly broke our relationship. A simple sorry revived the relationship.

*4. Be fashionable:* A change in ones wardrobe matters. If your old clothes
are still what you wear, it might push your partner aside. Whatever happened
to fashion?

There are a lot of new styles invoke, grab the chance and save your
relationship. Fashion, on the other hand, does not mean dressing 'wild 'or
being' nude' but following the right trend of fashion that you think your
partner loves.

When one fails to appear nice before a partner, he/she will find someone
else attractive and that is not healthy for a relationship.

*5. Be humble*: Humility does not mean' total submission'. I say total
submission to mean that you don't have to succumb totally because one
partner is the' breadwinner 'or 'abusive'.

Grant respect the best way you can and also Say' please' when you have to so
that a lasting relationship could be built.

*6. Be serviceable*: Being serviceable in all areas matter most in ever

Running errands for your partner is such a romantic feeling. It shouldn't be
a bother at all. In the same way when it has to do with lovemaking, it is a
service which should be offered to each other with love.*

*7. Avoid too many friends*: As the saying goes, "bad friends corrupt good
manners". Too many friend means that there may be bad nuts among them. Be
careful of the friends you make and bring home, they can cause you
heartbreak. It is said that if a friend comes to pick your partner out and
stay late in the night before coming home, then watch out for that friend.
The same friends may also give you both good and bad advice. Choose the few
good ones but wise up.

8. *Give gifts*: Learn to shower gifts on your partner to make him/her feel
that you care.

Little gifts are very important and it could be given not just on birthdays,
christmas and anniversaries but any given time. Do this just to surprise
your partner. I love surprises and I know you do too. Even if you don't,
those little gifts won't hurt.

*9. Show gratitude*: Learn to appreciate and recognize the value or
significance of something your partner does for you. It is often said that,
the greatest attitude one can acquire is that of gratitude.

If you don't appreciate what someone does, you can't be grateful for it too.
Showing gratitude relieves your partner from guessing whether you like a
gift or not.

*10. Use pet names*: Special names like darling, sweetheart, babe, honey,
sugar, dear, etc., help spice up relationships. They bring about fondness,
build intimacy and help remind you of who your partner is to you. Even if
one party is angry at the other, mentioning the name alone brings the
feeling of "oh my gosh, he just called me babe", or "oh my gosh, she called
me honey".

Your relationship will not be the same after going through this. However, if
there are any questions bothering you, please leave a comment and Maya-
exclusive will respond. Chao.


Marian Arthur (Maya)