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Mahama's resignation call out of place – Lecturer

Comment: Re: Mahama's resignation call out of place – Lectu

Nkrumah-Egala- Limann
2016-08-31 21:18:25
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Re: Mahama's resignation call out of place – Lectu

Dr MAHAMA of the PNC behaves like the Konongo Kaya story. He cannot Cary the load but will prevent any body else from carrying the load. Since he took over from the founder and leader of the PNC Dr Hilla Limann the fortunes of the party have dwindled from a high of 7percent of the National vote to 0.12 percent. Any serious person who has the PNC at heart would have given way or stood down for fresh blood to take over. Dr MAHAMA stood his ground irrespective of the decline of the PNC. For over twelve years he strangled the PNC and removed every life from the party. People like this want to lead Ghana. This is intellectual arrogance. When former president Kuffuor approached him and him the position of running mate Dr MAHAMA without even consulting the party rejected it outright with the explanation that he was too big for the position of running mate to president Kuffuor. This pride has blinded him and made him think he is better than anybody else up to date. It serves him right. He has killed the PNC and he has now come back to bury it. Dr MAHAMA should be left to bury it. Shame unto him.

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