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Mahama is Ghana's worst performing president - NPP man

Comment: NDC and JDM victory in 2017

Adu Boah
2016-07-17 04:17:43
Comment to:
Mahama will be jailed for his corruption

"I am afraid the NPP wants to lie to the good people of Ghana to get power. All revenue is so low because the NPP signed a killer contract with the oil companies. What is 7 per cent profit bring to the national coffers? But for the coming to power of NDC that 'kululu' contract agreement wouldn't have gone up to the 10 per cent. To worsen matters the price of crude oil is now $38 from over $130+ NPP will never bring anything better. Did Dr. Nkrumah not use state resources to build schools and industries? Yet (UP) NPP sympathizers demonized his rule. But after over 50 years we now know he loved our dear nation. He was a selfless leader unlike his opportunistic opponents who wanted to corner our common wealth. We have seen their evil politics."

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07-16 08:40
NDC and JDM victory in 2017
Adu Boah
07-17 04:17