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Arab Spring looms in Ghana – Edward Mahama

Comment: You have it all wrong brother!

Frustrated Ghanaian Living Abroad
2016-06-25 21:56:33
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Political history does not lie

No you are wrong on this. The Arab uprising was not started by youth tired of their situations. They were used by US military Industrial Complex. The uneducated and poor were led to believe rising up will change their lot in life but look around; they are 10 times worse off. Who do think sold them all the military gear? American and British Companies; how did the my pay for the gear? Future sweet oil deals. The West has the Arabs in a choke hold but they are led to believe their heads are just being petted. You fool, you are dying slowly but you don't see it. Libya was a progressive country with a currency stronger than the US dollar for over 20 years straight until the uprising, now what is their currency worth? Nothing, if it still exists. The reason such an uprising will not happen in Ghana is because we have nothing the West wants otherwise they would have armed our youth to disrupt the country long ago. They have already gotten from us what they wanted, our strong men and women for slave labor centuries ago. We have nothing they want and can't get a better one elsewhere for cheaper. Ghanaians are indeed smarter than that although we do have stupid, selfish, short sighted and plain jackasses amongst us so we need watch out for them. Enough said, my beloved Ghanaians, better and greater days are ahead don't lose hope. I LOVE YOU ALL! GHANA FOREVER!

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06-25 20:22
You have it all wrong brother!
Frustrated Ghanaian Living Abroad
06-25 21:56