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Constitutional confab in the offing

Comment: Efo, please cut that out.

2013-09-24 11:08:22
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Re: Constitutional confab in offing

Efo, good morning. You see, at times we joke just to make this site something interesting. If the possibility is there for all of us to meet, I swear that we will embrace one another without raising a finger against the other.

Let me tell you a story. My former boss was an Ashanti and he had an Nzima man as his friend. One afternoon, as I was discussing some matters with him, his friend the Nzima man came in and within a short time they started trading insults. I was pretty disturbed so, I told them to stop. It went on for at least five minutes then in the end, the Nzima man told my boss that he was heading towards the next town time to transact some business so, he need some advice. After the man left, I asked my boss the reason behind what they did and his answer was, look, Ashantis and Nzimas have that sort of nasty relationship dating back to sometime unknown.

That is how we are doing on Ghanaweb. Efo, do you think we means what we say here? Come on Efo. Take it easy because we are one people under one flag. Volta Region is part of Ghana. There are bad people everywhere on this plant including our own homes etc. At times, if I feel boring, I come to this site then upon reading some comments, I started laughing just to ease some tension. Efo, peace.

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09-24 07:45
Efo, please cut that out.
09-24 11:08