Politics of Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Source: GhanaNewsMedia.com

NPP slams Mahama


HE LEADING opposition party, the New Patriotic Party(NPP) has descended
heavily on the President, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, for what it
describes as his incessant tribal remarks on his campaign trail.
The opposition party says the President's sectarian campaign is not only
unfortunate but also a recipe for tribal chaos and must therefore be
condemned by all well meaning Ghanaians.

The party indicated that at a time Ghanaians are clamouring for peace and
tranquility ahead of the crucial elections, the least Ghanaians can expect
is to have a sitting president engaging in tribal politics just to
desperately hold onto power.
President Mahama has in recent times come under scourge from a section of
the political divide following some alleged tribal statements made during
his campaign tour to the three Northern regions.

He was reported to have indicated that people of the northern descend were
tired of playing second fiddle to the presidency and that it was time the
people in the three regions threw their weight behind him so that he can
win the December 7 elections.
The President was also recently reported to have challenged the opposition
party to demonstrate their true love for the people of the three northern
regions by choosing Dr.Bawumia to contest him for the presidency.
But the opposition party says the President has nothing good to offer the
good people of Ghana and in his desperation to hold onto power, has
resorted to whipping tribal sentiments.

Addressing *GhanaNewsMedia.com* in Kumasi, an aide to the flagbearer of the
NPP, Abu Jinapor said because the NDC administration led by President
Mahama has run down the economy and also failed to fulfil the numerous
campaign promises made to residents of the three northern regions, it is
now playing the tribal cards.
According to him, the strategy by being adopted by the President and the
NDC is not only dangerous but also has the tendency to disturb the peace
and tranquility Ghanaians are enjoying under the democratic dispensation.
"Ghanaians are worried about the message-less campaign being perpetrated
by President John Mahama in his desperate bid to hold onto power
The party therefore called on Ghanaians to reject the NDC and their
heinous agenda, which it noted, amounts to divide and rule politics.

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