Politics of Monday, 12 November 2012

Source: XYZ

Education is our number one priority - CPP

The Vice Presidential Candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) has stated that the party would make education as its number one priority if voted into office to govern come December 7.

Nana Akosua Frimponmaa Sarpong Kumankumah believes every Ghanaian child has the right to be educated be it in the public or private sector. “Under the leadership of Dr Abu Sakara as the President of Ghana, no Ghanaian Child would be left out in the area of education,” she said.

Nana Frimponmaa is worried about the ongoing debate about whether or not the Country can afford “Free” education being promised by various political parties ahead of the December election.

According to her, the CPP record cannot be overemphasized hence the need for the electorate to choose the CPP over all others who are contesting in this year’s election.

Under the CPP administration led by Osagye Dr Kwame Nkrumah, many Ghanaians including the current President John Dramani Mahama and our own flagbearer Dr Abu Sakara benefited from free education.

We the CPP would leave no stone unturned until every Ghanaian child is given access to free and quality education.

Nana Akosua Frimponmaa who has intensified her campaign to canvass for more votes for Dr Sakara and the CPP Parliamentary Candidates believes Ghanaians would entrust the nation in the hands of the CPP for them to implement their great policies.

She said the NPP and the NDC for the past thirty years have ruled this nation and have failed to make any progress. The lives of the people of Ghana continue to be deplorable day by day, the youths have no jobs, and people have nowhere to sleep.

"They should bow their heads in shame for failing the people for these years that they were given the mandate to lead the Nation. The CPP administration led by Dr Abu Sakara will ensure that citizens of this nation have fair share of the national cake. We will put up houses that will be affordable for the people on the streets. We will ensure that our farmers have market for their produce. We will ensure that there is justice in the system. We will fight against corruption and we will make sure that we do not have few people living luxurious live at expense of many," she said.

She indicated that the time has come for the electorate to choose people who can work for them and not those who would want to take advantage of them and amass wealth for themselves.