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My position on ballot paper insignificant – Akufo-Addo


2012-10-19 12:59:47
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My position on ballot paper insignificant – Akuf

Yes, you are right! The problem is the message, but your message is itself so bad that it is very important that you lose! The fact that the first peer-reviewed long term study of the toxicity of Monsanto's Roundup herbicide and a Roundup tolerant genetically modified maize, fed to rats which shows that corn from Monsanto's improved seeds causes tumours, organ damage, and pre-mature death, ought to compel the NPP to revise their bogus and fraudulent plans to introduce this hell on Ghanaians!

This is an urgent issue Akufo-Addo must address rather than creating redundant bureaucracy to to ensure that complaints from patients are properly addressed! The NPP must say no to GMOs if they are serious about the health of Ghanaians! Their Monsanto Manifesto 2012 is a threat to the health of every Ghanaian!

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the shoeshines boys from lybia
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