Politics of Thursday, 26 July 2012

Source: GNA

The search for a new Vice President begins in the NDC

The death of the President and the immediate swearing-in of John Dramani Mahama has smoothened the transition process in the highest office of the state.

Within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) however, feverish meetings are taking place to select and nominate a new vice president to assist the new president in managing the affairs of the country.

Names being openly discussed for the vacant vice president position include Dr Obed Asamoah, Ms Hannah Tetteh, Dr Alfred Oko Vanderpuije and Mr. Sylvester Mensah.

A source close to the NDC fraternity has suggested that for the vice president’s position, it is important not to overlook the qualities that an astute and very capable individual like Mr. Goosie Tanoh can bring to bear on the party and the entire nation.

He said Mr. Tanoh, who has been with the party for a long time has been tried and tested and proven his worth when he served in various capacities and that he could play a useful role when given the mandate by the National Executive Committee.

The source said Mr. Tanoh is a long serving member of the cadres, who would not only galvanise and mobilize the youth across the nation to win the forthcoming general election, but could also serve as a logical choice to compensate the people of the Central Region where he comes from on the death of President Mills.

He said the well-educated Mr. Tanoh who is known for his eloquence is also an energy expert, who could mobilize grassroots support for President John Dramani Mahama when given the mandate.

The source said the National Executive Committee would meet tomorrow to decide when to meet to elect a flagbearer as demanded by the constitution of the party and also to launch the party’s campaign.

“We the NDC believe in the rule of law and transparency to govern,” he noted and called on the rank and file of the party to unite around the new President for victory in the coming election.**